October 12, 2007

New Categories

New categories arise from time to time. The descriptions for all categories are held in www/en/ports/categories. There are two situations when FreshPorts needs to fetch this file from CVS: When a new port is created. When www/en/ports/categories is updated. I have case #2 coded. Case #1 is not as easy to do. In case #2, […]

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Master/slave relationships

At present, master/slave relationships in FreshPorts are not stored optimally. Each port has a field, master_port, which contains the category/port of its master_port, otherwise, it is an empty string. The ideal situation would be a table such as this: create table master_slave ( master_port_id integer not null, slave_port_id integer not null, primary key (master_port_id, slave_port_id)

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