Update to Python 3.9 broke commit processing

The July 4th tweet announced “dev, test, and stage are now running Python 3.9”. Three days later, “Is it coincidental that dev, test, and stage are all stuck on commits from July 4?” I took notes as I explored the problem. The first clue was: 2022.07.07 00:12:03 /usr/local/libexec/freshports/ –repo ports –path /var/db/ingress/repos/ports –branch …

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Commit cache clearing

Following on from yesterdays Quarterly branches: what’s next? and Processing commits on branches with git, I’ve started in on clearing commits from cache. The code First step, create a table which looks like this: freshports.devgit=# \d cache_clearing_commits Table “public.cache_clearing_commits” Column | Type | Collation | Nullable | Default —————–+—————————–+———–+———-+——— commit_to_clear | text | | not …

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