Dec 212019
Website slowness - the investigation

The website has been slow for some time. I think it is because of increased disk-io. In this post: FreeBSD 12.0 PostgreSQL 11.5 LibreNMS does the graphs via SNMP The diskio overall By increased, I mean it has gone from about 0.1k to about 1.6k, peaking to 140-150. This is steady and persistent. This graphs […]

Sep 222019

We have the first commit process via git into FreshPorts. Details in this git comment. Work remaining: check out that commit into the working copy of the files run make -V on the working copy to get the refreshed values for the port[s] affected by this commit The 2nd part – very little code change. […]

Sep 182019

I want to move FreshPorts towards using commit hooks and away from depending upon incoming emails for processing new commits. Much of the following came from a recent Twitter post. You might think: why are we using emails? Why? Because we can. They were the easiest and most simple approach. It is a time-proven solution. […]

Sep 032019

I’m trying to think of a list of things that FreshPorts can do which might be useful. I can think of these: provides example dependency line. e.g. p5-XML-RSS>0:textproc/p5-XML-RSS list of dependencies for a port list of ports depending upon this port Default configuration options what packages install a given file (e.g. bin/unzip) what ports does […]

Sep 022019

When the time comes, and the FreeBSD project is using git, there will be work to be done on FreshPorts. If the commit emails are similar to those under cvs and svn, it should be straight forward to parse the email and convert it to XML. Once the data is in XML, the commit can […]

Jul 132019

Today I updated the test website with two changes: use of dd, dt, and dl tags in the details section of the ports page Three new graphs: doc ports src The tags part was all the result of me reading up on them and concluding they could be useful. The graphs were swills’ fault. They […]