Sep 052020

I have no write up of the jails used by FreshPorts. The following originated in an email I sent this morning. FreshPorts runs on a FreeBSD host, hosting four jails. db – the PostgreSQL database server – the source for all content. connections via TCP/IP mx – Postfix takes incoming emails from subversion mailing list […]

Aug 262020
The server died

The FreshPorts server died on Friday night. I drove up on Sunday morning to retrieve it. I have not yet investigated the breakage. It might be the M/B. It was suggested on IRC that replace instead of repair might be a better approach. The existing X8DTU m/b has some unresolved IPMI vulnerability issues. A newer […]

Aug 252020

This is more for my own sanity for the next time I deploy a new FreshPorts host. There is no useful information here for anyone else. Base this upon the existing host: svn cp host_vars/ host_vars/NEWHOST svn cp roles/postgresql-server/templates/hosts/ roles/postgresql-server/templates/hosts/NEWHOST Edit these files: host_vars/NEWHOST roles/postgresql-server/templates/hosts/NEWHOST/pg_hba.conf.j2 roles/postgresql-server/templates/hosts/NEWHOST/postgresql.conf.j2 Create ssl certs for: NEWHOST

Aug 162020

I’m going to add bookmarks for ports. You can go directly to the dependencies, to the commits, to the configuration items. This will outline the sections before I start coding: #description #dependency #flavors #distinfo #packages #dependencies #config #uses #sites #commits

Aug 112020

This idea came to me today from swills: stupid question, would it be possible to make the urls on freshports case insensitive? so that like would go to After confirming this was for manually typed URLs (as opposed to generated links), I started looking into it. This is what I found. In this […]

Jul 092020

I want to document some of the not-visible differences between a git commit and a subversion commit when in the database. subversion git id 808224 808303 message_id a1d2d5b40fba4186daf29b2b2e9ff2dd8b7d8039 message_date 2020-07-09 18:12:06+00 2020-07-09 18:12:06+00 message_subject svn commit: r541803 – in head/devel: . py-absl-py [null] date_added 2020-07-09 18:39:53.510006+00 2020-07-09 18:59:49.863092+00 commit_date 2020-07-09 18:12:06+00 2020-07-09 18:12:06+00 committer […]