Mar 092021

I had noticed a problem with my full text search solution when I was testing. If the input query contained a quote, an error resulted on the query. At the time, I attributed that to a poor input/text handling. Later, I realized I was wrong. On the website, this PHP code is used: Where $this->Query […]

Mar 092021

In yesterdays blog post, Replacing a column search with a full text search solution, I wanted to mention how adding a LIMIT 10 to a fast running query made it run slower. I didn’t remember that issue until this morning. Fortunately, the fix was low cost. The query This is the query I ran: The […]

Mar 082021

One of the many useful features on FreshPorts is: what port[s] install[s] this file? That’s the pkg-plist search option. pkg-plist is a file which “lists all the files installed by the port”. However not all ports have a pkg-plist file because the list is compiled automatically. That is why the configure_plist table was created to […]

Feb 242021

This is a cheat sheet for FreshPorts behind-the-scenes administration. If you want one for users, please start with suggested content. Ingress Actions – Take a commit from the repo and insert it into the database. Will fail if commit is already there. REPO is one of src, ports, doc. Hash is the git commit […]

Feb 102021

By request FreeBSD 14 is being added to the list of build packages. Looking at the main freebsd pkg mirror, we can see FreeBSD:14 is listed. These are the items in question: FreeBSD:14:i386 FreeBSD:14:amd64 FreeBSD:14:aarch64 FreeBSD:14:armv6 FreeBSD:14:armv7 FreeBSD:14:mips FreeBSD:14:mips64 FreeBSD:14:powerpc64 The SQL is: But why type all this, code it. Which produces: [dan@pg02:~/bin] $ sh […]

Feb 062021

EDIT: update, I think I have solved this via help on IRC. See solution. I need help configuring Postfix. I am overwhelmed by the options available and I need to stay on track by working on the rest of the git changes. I have changed references to the FreshPorts domain. I’m using instead. Background […]

Jan 312021

In this post I’ll talk about how the code intially took the easy way out and how recent changes have tightened that up. In short, the code would raise N messages when just a single notification is sufficient. Today the full vuxml database was reloaded into FreshPorts. This affects approximately 3454 ports and the marking […]