Mar 292020

The plan for today was not decided until after I got out of bed. I sat down with coffee and looked through the list of tasks. I found one which appealed: monitor the cache_clearing_ports & cache_clearing_dates tables This is part one of a two-part story. The first part deals with fixing a database table before […]

Dec 212019
Website slowness - the investigation

The website has been slow for some time. I think it is because of increased disk-io. In this post: FreeBSD 12.0 PostgreSQL 11.5 LibreNMS does the graphs via SNMP The diskio overall By increased, I mean it has gone from about 0.1k to about 1.6k, peaking to 140-150. This is steady and persistent. This graphs […]

Sep 222019

We have the first commit process via git into FreshPorts. Details in this git comment. Work remaining: check out that commit into the working copy of the files run make -V on the working copy to get the refreshed values for the port[s] affected by this commit The 2nd part – very little code change. […]

Sep 182019

I want to move FreshPorts towards using commit hooks and away from depending upon incoming emails for processing new commits. Much of the following came from a recent Twitter post. You might think: why are we using emails? Why? Because we can. They were the easiest and most simple approach. It is a time-proven solution. […]

Sep 032019

I’m trying to think of a list of things that FreshPorts can do which might be useful. I can think of these: provides example dependency line. e.g. p5-XML-RSS>0:textproc/p5-XML-RSS list of dependencies for a port list of ports depending upon this port Default configuration options what packages install a given file (e.g. bin/unzip) what ports does […]