Jan 162023
When a commit goes wrong

Yesterday, an incident with a commit wound up taking up a lot of time to process on FreshPorts. The purpose of this post includes: document how the commit was handled on different nodes document the fixes for some nodes investigate how the code can be improved to detect such situations and abort See also How […]

Jan 022023

When setting up a new FreshPorts ingress node, the repositories must be configured with tags so FreshPorts knows the last commit it has processed. This is the starting point each time FreshPorts goes to search for new commits. This post about Processing commits on branches with git might help with background. Those tags must be […]

Dec 252022

The commits.php page has a long history dating back to 2006 in GitHub and before that in another repo. Soon, it is going away. The justification is in issue 337: it’s not used much, and it’s not doing as it should (loading the last 100 commits). In the early days, the front page showed only […]

Dec 182022

One of the primary uses for FreshPorts is searching various characteristics of the ports. One highly used search feature is pkg-messages (background at pkg-message). A problem which has been vexing me for about 2 months was the lack of results on prod, but results which worked on dev. The issue was raised on GitHub. Initially, […]

Dec 162022

Tonight I was setting up a new FreshPorts node for development. It took me a while to remember the steps. sudo su -l postgres psql template1 < globals.sql createdb -T template0 -E SQL_ASCII freshports.org psql freshports.org create language plperl; exit; time pg_restore -j 32 -d freshports.org ~dan/dump/freshports.org.dump

Sep 142022

The Libreoffice homepages seem wrong. dev and test do not show a homepage for arabic/libreoffice, but stage and prod do. Could this be a commit which corrected something after dev and test were corrected? I think so. I think this commit did that. Let’s check from the command line. I’m doing this in my empty […]

Sep 142022

By “post correction”, I meant “post-correction script”, i.e. after the correction script completed. A recent commit started the process of moving the WWW from pkg-descr to Makefile. These were huge commits, about 27930 ports each. FreshPorts is dumb. It sees a commit and it refreshes all ports touched by that commit. Refreshing every port takes […]