Jul 132019

Today I updated the test website with two changes: use of dd, dt, and dl tags in the details section of the ports page Three new graphs: doc ports src The tags part was all the result of me reading up on them and concluding they could be useful. The graphs were swills’ fault. They […]

May 252019

I’m writing this post just to keep things straight in my head so I can decide how best to resolve this issue. FreshPorts uses /var/db/freshports/cache/spooling on both the ingress jail and the nginx jail. The nginx jail uses it for caching content. Page details are first spooled into /var/db/freshports/cache/spooling before moving it to /var/db/freshports/cache/ports. The […]

Jan 272019

Yesterday I copied data from the old production server to the new production server. One thing I missed, but did think about at the time, was updating the sequence used by the table in question. Looking at the table definition: The report_log_id_seq value will be wrong. When the reports run, they will use values for […]

Jan 272019

After enabling the report notifications yesterday, they failed to go out. Why? A hardcoded hostname in a Perl module. Here are the errors I found this morning. from=’FreshPorts Watch Daemon <FreshPorts-Watch@FreshPorts.org>’ to=’dvl@example.org’ subject=’FreshPorts daily new ports’ could not open Email::Sender. from=’FreshPorts Watch Daemon <FreshPorts-Watch@FreshPorts.org>’ to=’dvl@example.org’ subject=’FreshPorts daily new ports’ errorcode=’unable to establish SMTP connection to […]

Jan 262019

Ever since the new server went into production, sometime in 2017, the notification emails, which tell you what has changed, have been coming from the old server. I never did that changeover. The old server was still processing incoming commits, so the notifications were accurate. However, new accounts would not get notifications and changes to […]

Jan 042019

When the website enters maintenance mode, there are a few steps to ensure the database is not updated while we dump the data, but still allow the website to display pages. Disable ingress commit processing In the ingress host (for example, x8dtu-ingress01), stop the FreshPorts daemon: [dan@x8dtu-ingress01:~] $ sudo svc -d /var/service/freshports/ [dan@x8dtu-ingress01:~] $ Ensure […]

Jan 042019

x8dtu contains two jails for database servers: x8dtu-pg01 and x8dtu-pg02. At any given time, one is the production database server, and contains the IP address Let’s assume x8dtu-pg02 is on PostgreSQL 10.6 and we are upgrading to PostgreSQL 11.1 on x8dtu-pg01 The new packages would be installed on x8dtu-pg01. pg_dump would be run on […]

Jan 042019

This procedure is rarely used, but is documented nonetheless. A database server change is usually accomplished by moving the IP address from one server to another, not by adjusting the clients. The production database server is usually at When changing from one database server to another, there are a few configuration files to update: […]

Dec 272018

I originally documented this so I would have a reference while tracking down the problem. I have since solved the issue and you can jump to the bottom of this post to find the solution. What I do not know is why this was not an issue under PostgreSQL 10.6 but was under PostgreSQL 11.1. […]