Jan 072021

This documents the git specific code which I need to package and deploy. /usr/local/libexec/freshports This is installed by freshports-scripts-git, and I have the directory symlinked to ~/scripts on devgit.freshports.org for convenience. In this directory, we have the following symlinks to other directories: Ignoring lines 2 and 4 which are not relevant, we have this list […]

Jan 012021

This post documents the database upgrade process. Issues encountered during initial attempts There are permission issues on the database. Not everything is owned by the postgres super-user. In fact, many of them are owned by dan – this database is 20+ years old. To easily resolve the ownership issue, I take the database dump (named […]

Dec 212020

Just like I moved devgit.freshports.org from github to git.freebsd.org for the doc repo on Thursday, today (Monday), I’m doing the same thing for the src repo. The jail uses storage on an nvd-based zpool. First, create a new filesystem: [dan@slocum:~] $ sudo zfs create nvd/freshports/devgit/ingress/repos/src You can see it appear here in the jail, but […]

Dec 192020
Testing the database conversion process

My plan is to update the production website and database in place. To test this process, a copy of the production database has been copied to the pg02.int.unixathome.org PostgreSQL database server and is now available as freshports.dgnew. The first test was the database update process. I think I have that settled now. Pointing the devgit.freshports.org […]

Dec 172020

The doc repo has moved from svn to git. This changeover occurred on 2020-12-09. The last svn commit was: 54737 The first git commit was: 3be01a475855e7511ad755b2defd2e0da5d58bbe To date, devgit.freshports.org has been using https://github.com/freebsd/freebsd-doc/ for processing commits. Today’s work will convert from that GitHub repo to https://cgit.freebsd.org/doc/ (actually, https://git.freebsd.org/). What changes are required The following changes […]

Nov 272020

As a sanity check, there are several diffs to compare devgit.freshports.org with dev.freshports.org and sometimes they detect a false positive. Case in point, a recent commit to Code_Aster: https://svnweb.freebsd.org/ports?view=revision&revision=556349 https://github.com/freebsd/freebsd-ports/commit/d23fb94b8640d1c9d38c3cafc69c89ed4fe11939 In the svnweb link, you will see: head/science/tfel-edf/ (Copied from head/science/tfel, r555690) It is that repo copy (i.e. svn copy) from science/tfel to science/tfel-edf which […]

Nov 232020

In the last post, I found that many commits were to the master branch when they should have been on the quarterly branch. Now I think I see why. See this XML: If it’s quarterly, it should name the branch. Case in point: 2020Q4. I went to https://lists.freebsd.org/pipermail/svn-ports-branches/2020-November/thread.html to look for known quarterly commits. Hmm, […]

Nov 222020

I need to document this so I can refer to it while debugging. This follows the chain of scripts which processes a commit. Periodic FreshPorts, at present, checks for new commits every three minutes, via this entry in /etc/crontab: That will invoke this script: check_for_git_commits.sh This is a cheat. It touches a file, which is […]

Nov 182020
How many ports are there?

A recent post on the FreeBSD Ports mailing list asked: Hi, I noticed a big difference between the number of ports on freebsd.org/ports/ and on freshports.org. Currently, it’s 33348 vs. 41346. The freebsd.org’s number equals roughly the number of lines of a current INDEX, but how does FreshPorts count? Best, Moritz In short, they are […]