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Adding and populating CONFLICTS

This post serves two goals: document the CONFLICTS implementation within FreshPorts show how you can use triggers to update a secondary table The FreeBSD ports tree / package collection has a method for resolving conflicts. This feature allows a port maintainer to specify what, if any, packages conflict with a given port. The reasons why …

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What ports are dependant upon this port?

An interesting discussion started earlier this week: upstream dependents. At present, FreshPorts captures and displays the information output from: make -V BUILD_DEPENDS -V RUN_DEPENDS -V LIB_DEPENDS For a given port, this tells up what that port depends upon for building, running, and libraries. The request is for this same information, but in the reverse ordering; …

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Configuration options – showconfig

When people ask me about packages versus ports, the one main advantage of ports over packages is the ability to set the configuration options. To set the configuration options for a given port, issue this command: make config Configuration options are stored in /var/db/ports. For example, the options for sysutils/bacula-server are: $ less /var/db/ports/bacula-server/options # …

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Master/slave relationships

At present, master/slave relationships in FreshPorts are not stored optimally. Each port has a field, master_port, which contains the category/port of its master_port, otherwise, it is an empty string. The ideal situation would be a table such as this: create table master_slave ( master_port_id integer not null, slave_port_id integer not null, primary key (master_port_id, slave_port_id) …

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