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Branches are simple, but more complex than head

I used to think branches were simple when it came to FreshPorts, but I was wrong. Consider slave ports for example. If we get a commit for databases/mariadb100-server, we have to update the slave ports, but only the slave ports on the branch, not the slave ports on head. That sounds easy enough, but keep

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cache invalidation

Today, kwm mentioned that http://www.freshports.org/Mk/bsd.port.mk was out of date, showing the most recent commit as back in March. My first concern was the system had stopped recording such commits. To check on that, I looked at https://svnweb.freebsd.org/ports/head/Mk/bsd.port.mk and searched my email for the most recent commit message. Extracting the message id from that email, I

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An index can make all the difference

Before the last post was published, I forgot to add in the fix for the pathname problem. freshports.org=# select ElementPathnameUpdateChildren(453745); It run. A long time. I let it run. For hours. About 16 hours. Then I killed it. I checked the procedure. It made sense. Then I checked the update statement: freshports.org=# explain analyse UPDATE

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Creating the new repo base directories

I started looking at how to create these new directories as mentioned yesterday. This starts the process: $ psql freshports.org psql (9.0.8, server 9.0.9) Type “help” for help. freshports.org=# select Element_Add(‘/base/head’, ‘D’); element_add ————- 453742 (1 row) freshports.org=# select Element_Add(‘/doc/head’, ‘D’); element_add ————- 453743 (1 row) freshports.org=# select Element_Add(‘/ports/head’, ‘D’); element_add ————- 0 (1 row)

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