Branches are simple, but more complex than head

I used to think branches were simple when it came to FreshPorts, but I was wrong. Consider slave ports for example. If we get a commit for databases/mariadb100-server, we have to update the slave ports, but only the slave ports on the branch, not the slave ports on head. That sounds easy enough, but keep …

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Out of date ports tree

Today I noticed a problem with my development machine. It has been in storage for about a month. Yesterday it started processing FreshPorts emails again. Overnight, I noticed a strange error which I could not follow: Unusual System Events =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Dec 31 20:33:11 ngaio FreshPorts[93781]: error executing make command for sysutils/rsyslog-mysql: This command (FreshPorts code …

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No more patching for MASTERPORT

Back in August, I wrote about patching the ports tree to cater for master/slave relationships. I am happy to report that this patch is no longer required. Instead of MASTERPORT, as provided by that patch, I can use MASTER_PORT, which is now part of the stock ports/Mk/ \o/ No more patching.

Master/slave relationships

At present, master/slave relationships in FreshPorts are not stored optimally. Each port has a field, master_port, which contains the category/port of its master_port, otherwise, it is an empty string. The ideal situation would be a table such as this: create table master_slave ( master_port_id integer not null, slave_port_id integer not null, primary key (master_port_id, slave_port_id) …

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MASTERPORT : who uses it?

MASTERPORT is a tool Mark Linimon and I have used for a while. It seems to have entered into common usage now. select master_port, category, name from ports_active where master_port like ‘/%’ order by category, name; master_port | category | name ———————————————–+————–+————————— /usr/home/dan/ports/devel/ocaml-camlidl | archivers | ocaml-zip /usr/home/dan/ports/devel/ocaml-camlidl | graphics | ocaml-lablgl /usr/home/dan/ports/japanese/kinput2-freewnn/ | …

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master / slave relationships

As reported by sem@, there is a problem with the display of master/slave relationships within FreshPorts. The relationship is stored in the ports table, with the master_port attribute being a pointer to the master port. This text field typically has values such as this: SELECT DISTINCT(master_port) FROM ports_active where master_port ” …

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