packaging up the git-specific code

This documents the git specific code which I need to package and deploy. /usr/local/libexec/freshports This is installed by freshports-scripts-git, and I have the directory symlinked to ~/scripts on for convenience. In this directory, we have the following symlinks to other directories: Ignoring lines 2 and 4 which are not relevant, we have this list …

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Python listening now in production

The Python listening script is now in production. With a few luser-type problems along the way. Specifically: I have discovered, quite recently, that having the same name for both the NOTIFY command and the LISTEN command is kind of a good strategy when you actually want your listener to be notified. The problem? The code …

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Python, PostgreSQL, and LISTEN

PostgreSQL is my database of choice. Any who has worked with commercial databases will find more in common with PostgreSQL than any other open source database. I moved to PostgreSQL for the transactions, the stored procecdures, and the relational integrity Sure, other databases have begun to catch up, but they still don’t have the polish …

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