Where’s the diff?

A few months ago, Dmitry Marakasov asked for a new feature: a link to diff. The problem I had was figuring out the previous revision. The code always has the current revision. That is stored in the table: freshports.org=# \d commit_log_elements Table “public.commit_log_elements” Column | Type | Modifiers —————+————–+—————————————————————— id | integer | not null […]

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Search doesn’t display enough commits per page

Bjoern A. Zeeb pointed out a problem today. On the following URL, there should be more commits per page. Only three are shown (at the time of writing). http://www.freshports.org/search.php?stype=committer&method=exact&query=jb&num=100&orderby=category&orderbyupdown=asc&search=Search&include_src_commits=include_src_commits The page is showing 100 results per page. This should be 100 commits, but the result set is showing only 100 files. The SQL query has

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