Branch and Platform independant information

FreshPorts runs on an i386 machine under FreeBSD 4.11. That means all the information it contains, relates to that Branch (4.11) and that architecture (i386). Moves are underway to make FreshPorts branch and architecture independent.

One of the main bits I needed for this was a way to know the the latest value for __FREEBSD__ for each branch. The list of branchs is available in the handbook, under CVS Tags. Thus, it’s a matter of pulling the right value from the cvs repository.

I asked for help, and Anton Berezin came to the rescue.

Progress on this is slow because I have little time. So why am I writing this? To document it. So when I do have time, I don’t spend it trying to remember what I was doing, and where. I also want to acknowledge those that have contributed. I do most of this, but not all by myself.

I’m not sure how ARCH/RELEASE-independant stuff will work once it gets onto the website. Creating the data is one thing. Presenting it to you, the user, in a useful and intuitive format is an entirely different task.

Watch this space.

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