When a port moves, your watch list is not updated

krion pointed out today that when a port moves, your watch list is not updated. In this case, the port in question is dns/libidn. It’s listed as version 0.6.0 at the above URL, but in his watch list, he sees version 0.5.20.

I saw the problem immediately. On his watch list, the port is listed as deleted (RIP). If you then look further down at the commits, you’ll see that this port moved to the devel category. That, in short, is a “new” port. FreshPorts considers it as such.

I found a way to quickly discover any such ports on your watch list:

freshports.org=# SELECT E1.name AS name_old,
freshports.org-#        C1.name AS category_old,
freshports.org-#        E2.name AS name_new,
freshports.org-#        C2.name AS category_new
freshports.org-#   FROM watch_list_element WLE, 
freshports.org-#        ports_moved        PM,
freshports.org-#        element            E1,
freshports.org-#        ports              P1,
freshports.org-#        element            E2,
freshports.org-#        ports              P2,
freshports.org-#        categories         C1,
freshports.org-#        categories         C2
freshports.org-#  WHERE WLE.watch_list_id = 1189
freshports.org-#    AND WLE.element_id    = E1.id
freshports.org-#    AND E1.id             = P1.element_id
freshports.org-#    AND P1.id             = PM.from_port_id
freshports.org-#    AND P1.category_id    = C1.id
freshports.org-#    AND PM.to_port_id     = P2.id
freshports.org-#    AND P2.element_id     = E2.id
freshports.org-#    AND P2.category_id    = C2.id;
 name_old  | category_old |  name_new   | category_new
 openldap2 | net          | openldap20  | net
 libtool   | devel        | libtool13   | devel
 autoconf  | devel        | autoconf253 | devel
 bison     | devel        | bison-devel | devel
 ruby      | lang         | ruby16      | lang
 ddclient  | net          | ddclient    | dns
(6 rows)


This may serve as a starting point for a fix. I don’t want FreshPorts to automatically alter your watch list. But I think I will provide an easy link for you to remove the old port and add the new port.

Watch this space.

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