Dec 232005

I’ve created myself an IPv6 tunnel. FreshPorts is now available via IPv6. Point your browser at

If you can’t get there, you’re probably not on IPv6.

You should see a snapshot of FreshPorts taken on Fri, 23 Dec 2005.

Comments here please!

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  4 Responses to “FreshPorts on PostgreSQL 8 and IPv6”

  1. I could very well be the only person but I consider myself totally ignorant of IPv6. My excuse since Dec. 1994 when I was first exposed to the idea, that IPv6 isn’t ready for production. The notice sent to the FreeBSD mailling list, jolted me into the reality that I have been avoiding. It is time to test and learn. So now to my question.

    Is a practical “Why and How To” accomplish that a dummie like me can’t even see, right now, because I don’t even have IPv6 enabled. If not, you may have some reading recommendations although I would prefer to get something working and then read for an in depth understanding.

    May your hearts be filled happiness and opbimisum during this holiday season and the new year.


  2. No, you’re not the only such person.

    I’m in the process of getting my own IPv6 configuration documented and published. I started with

    I got my IPv6 stunnel from Hurricane Internet:

  3. I’d recommend using SixXS (via OCCAID) instead of HE. HE still considers IPv6 networks to be playgrounds and is seriously impeding the progress of modern, production IPv6 networks today. More specifically, they transit networks they are only supposed to be peering with. They suck, don’t use them.

    See also:


  4. Will: What about ISC as a provider? ;) I have a contact there that’s willing to set up a tunnel for me.