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I am pleased to announce a FreshPorts design contest. The prize? A trip to BSDCan 2007. Included are airfares, accommodation, and entry to BSDCan 2007, up to a value of CAD$1000.

Take the existing FreshPorts website and give it a face lift. Improve it. Keep in mind that the basic information must remain the same. If you want to move stuff around on the pages, great. But don’t remove any information.

A few details:

  1. Contest is open to everyone. Employees and family of FreshPorts and BSDCan staff are excluded.
  2. We reserve the right to not award the prize if we don’t get a submission we want to use.
  3. All submissions become our property (we need that in order to know we can use it if it wins).
  4. We will arrange and pay for the airfare, on campus accommodation, and entry to the conference to a value of CAD$1000.
  5. The prize is not transferable. It must be used by the submitter.
  6. Passports, visas, insurance, etc, are not covered by this award.
  7. We will publish all the submissions, including your name, email address [optional], and website [optional]. If you provide the optional bits, we will publish them unless you say otherwise.
  8. You must declare that you have created this work and therefore transfer to us all rights the unconditional right to use the work.
  9. Our decision will be final. No discussion will be entered into. No substitutions will be available.
  10. The winner will be required to answer a skill testing question before the prize is awarded to them.
  11. If such a contest is illegal where you live, sorry, you cannot participate.

The ideal solution will involve CSS changes only, but that’s ideal. You are welcome to change the HTML we are using now.

Features to consider are:

  • usability
  • pleasing to the eye
  • easy to maintain
  • quality of code

Dates and notes to keep in mind:

  1. Contest opens 1 Feb 2007
  2. Contest closes on 28 Mar 2007
  3. Submissions will not be published until after the contest closes
  4. Public comments on submissions will be welcomed

Your submission should include the CSS and sample web pages. The CSS must be in its own file (or files). Please show use what the following web pages would look like. That is, you should demonstrate what your design will look like for the following URLs:

  1. Home page
  2. Categories
  3. Category – sysutils
  4. Port – bacula-server
  5. Search results

Please send your submissions via email. Remember to include your declaration that of ownership transfer. I would prefer a URL to a tarball I can download.

I don’t want to go overboard with the rules, but that’s about it. We will act in good faith. We expect all participants to do so as well.

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21 thoughts on “FreshPorts design contest”

  1. I have couple questions:
    -what about those ugly ads seen everywhere? should we keep them in our designs?
    -why should we move our rights to you BEFORE winning contest? does this means that we cant reuse the design after we eventually loose the competition? This is very strange and unfair, I think.
    Thanks for any reply

  2. > – what about those ugly ads seen everywhere? should we keep them in our designs?

    Those ads pay for things I use to create FreshPorts, FreeBSDDiary etc. All things being equal, the design that includes the ads will win over one that does not

    – why should we move our rights to you BEFORE winning contest?

    To ensure that we have the rights to use the design should we choose to do so.

    > – does this means that we cant reuse the design after we eventually loose the competition?

    This does not remove any of your rights. It merely ensures that *we* have the right to use what you submit.

    > This is very strange and unfair, I think.

    In what way are we being unfair?

  3. Add all of them? Not sure what you mean by that.

    Put it this was: two equal submissions, one that shows the ads, one that doesn’t, the one that had the ads would win.

    Perhaps to make all submissions equal, the quick and easy way for you is to take an existing page, and use the ads you find there. For example, use these:×90.jpg for the top ad for the bottom ad×600.png for the side ad

    Am I answering your questions?

  4. Is there a way we can comment or provide feedback for designs? For example Option A seems a little broken in Safari theres a giant red bar about mid way down the page on all pages.

  5. There is a way with which we can comment or provide a feedback for дизайнов? For example Option A seems to little bit interrupted Safaris theres a huge red strip about the middle of a way more low on page on all pages.

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