Jun 262007

Greetings from southern Florida. If you haven’t heard, I moved to Jupiter, Florida. Yes, PGCon and BSDCan will be in Ottawa in 2008. My relocation does not affect those events.

It was this commit to print/gutenprint that caused the problem. You will notice that one file is touched twice by that commit. It is best demonstrated by the last two lines of the log message:

  1.32      +1 -8      ports/print/gutenprint/Makefile
  1.33      +0 -0      ports/print/gutenprint/Makefile

FreshPorts was long ago coded to reject any such messages. The code in question is:

if (defined($TrackDuplicates{$path})) {
      "Duplicate file name ('$path') found in commit message (" . 
       GetMessage_Id($message) . ").\n\nIs this a corrupted commit or email?", 1)
} else {
   $TrackDuplicates{$path} = 1;

This code uses a hash/array with the file pathname as the key/index. It also invokes ReportError() with a final parameter of 1, which means fatal error.

I decided this wasn’t a fatal error any more. I changed the 1 to a 0 and tried processing the commit again. I started thinking there was an error somewhere else in the code, because I was getting this error:

syntax error at line 1, column 0, byte 0 at /usr/local/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.8/mach/XML/Parser.pm line 187

I started playing around with the XML file in case duplicate entries were a problem there. It was then that I noticed the problem (but not immediately). The XML file contained non-xml. At the top of the file was:

Duplicate file name ('ports/print/gutenprint/Makefile') found in commit message (200706261507.l5QF7lEE060586@repoman.freebsd.org).

Is this a corrupted commit or email?

OK, I’m printing out error messages and they are being piped to the file. I know a simple way around that. Don’t print, email. There is already a function that will email me the error message as well as log it via syslog. I’ll use that instead. Problem is, that prints too. So I crreated a new function and used it. This diff shows what I did:

utilities patch

This creates a new function, ReportErrorEmailNoPrint(), and adds a new parameter to _ReportErrorHelper(). This allows for the conditional printing of the error message.

The XML processing code changed to:

process_cvs_mail.pl patch

Tested. Fixed. Done. And soon to be in production so that commit message can be processed.

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