Vulnerabilities – finding them easily (vuxml)

This isn’t about detecting vulnerabilities. It is about finding vulnerabilities that others have already reported. Background reading: FreeBSD Porter’s Handbook: Keeping the community informed FreeBSD VuXML Here are the various vuxml pages provided by FreshPorts: The latest vulnerabilities are listed on the home page A complete list of all vulnerabilities by date A complete list […]

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New Categories

New categories arise from time to time. The descriptions for all categories are held in www/en/ports/categories. There are two situations when FreshPorts needs to fetch this file from CVS: When a new port is created. When www/en/ports/categories is updated. I have case #2 coded. Case #1 is not as easy to do. In case #2,

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Master/slave relationships

At present, master/slave relationships in FreshPorts are not stored optimally. Each port has a field, master_port, which contains the category/port of its master_port, otherwise, it is an empty string. The ideal situation would be a table such as this: create table master_slave ( master_port_id integer not null, slave_port_id integer not null, primary key (master_port_id, slave_port_id)

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MASTERPORT : who uses it?

MASTERPORT is a tool Mark Linimon and I have used for a while. It seems to have entered into common usage now. freshports.org=# select master_port, category, name from ports_active where master_port like ‘/%’ order by category, name; master_port | category | name ———————————————–+————–+————————— /usr/home/dan/ports/devel/ocaml-camlidl | archivers | ocaml-zip /usr/home/dan/ports/devel/ocaml-camlidl | graphics | ocaml-lablgl /usr/home/dan/ports/japanese/kinput2-freewnn/ |

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Work wanted

I’m looking for work. I’m a software developer with lots of sysadmin experience. My ideal job would require multiple skills and involve development of high availability strategy, some coding, database design, and some sysadmin work, although not necessarily in that order. My resume: http://www.freebsddiary.org/dan_langille.php Will consider relocation.

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