Ports freeze

Vladimir Chukharev wrote in to mention a problem with the ports freeze. FreshPorts usually puts up a notice indicating a Ports Freeze is in effect when the freeze is inacted. This freeze is effected by making a special change to CVSROOT/approvers. FreshPorts looks for this change and sets a flag. The website notices this flag

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DBI now correctly quotes PostgreSQL

I ran into an interesting problem while upgrading the production FreshPorts server. Specifically, this error: select PortsUpdatingAdd(E’20080708′::date, E’users of emulators/qemu-devel’, E’nox@FreeBSD.org’, EE’ The port has been updated to a 20080620 SVN snapshot, which uses the new (incompatible) kqemu-kmod-devel port that now also works for the 32 bit “qemu” executable on amd64. If you upgrade qemu-devel

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The fix

The fix: $ cvs di -ub port.pm Index: port.pm =================================================================== RCS file: /home/repositories/freshports-1/scripts/port.pm,v retrieving revision 1.52 diff -u -b -r1.52 port.pm — port.pm 6 Jun 2008 18:13:41 -0000 1.52 +++ port.pm 10 Aug 2008 21:09:51 -0000 @@ -160,6 +160,7 @@ # we are updating # NOTE: NULLIfEmpty invokes db_escape + # these items were escaped

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