New (Fancy?) Graphs!

Some new graphs were put on the beta site last night.  They use a combination of jQuery and Flot to generate the graphs.  All the backend code is php (but is quite ugly and small).  The real meat of the important code is in the javascript.  I’ve written an explanation of how the code works for those who are interested.  There are not a lot of graphs right now because I just wanted to get a POC out there before I work on adding more graphs.  If Dan can come up with an SQL query to get the data I’m fairly certain I can graph it and may even be able to add fancy things like selections and zooming.  So if you have any suggestions for what to graph please mail me about them.

The only downside of this approach is it requires a modern browser running javascript.  I believe there are problems with Konqueror under KDE 3 and IE6.  I think the support hinges upon the canvas element, but don’t quote me on that.  It renders fine on the handful of browsers I use so if it doens’t work for you I think it’s time to update to a newer version of your browser of choice.

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