What if the port doesn’t exist?

The most recent project on FreshPorts is what ports are dependent upon *this* port.

Tonight, two issues came to mind that I need to resolve:

  1. Ports in the DEPENDS that do not exist
  2. Refreshing other ports when a port depends upon them

At present, FreshPorts refuses to process a commit if a port does not exist. It produces an error like this:

This message was generated by the FreshPorts Daemon.

The database is freshports.org
at http://beta.freshports.org/

Could not execute SQL SELECT PortsDependenciesAdd(
'devel/p5-CPAN-Testers-Report', 'B' ) ... maybe invalid? ERROR:  cannot
find this port: devel/p5-CPAN-Testers-Report

FreshPorts Daemon

What I should do, is allow the commit, but flag it somehow as requiring a followup. If I don’t do that, I get reminded that there is a commit waiting in the queue, that an error occurred, etc.

Instead, I think I will treat this as a sanity test failure, which is not fatal. The committer, if opted in (you are opted in, aren’t you?), will get an email telling them about the issue. If they aren’t opted in, I get the email (usually I read it quite some time after the commit). I check FreshPorts for a follow-up commit. If there is none, I forward the email to the mailing list asking that someone correct the failure please.

There is a complete list of sanity test failures on the home page of FreshPorts.

The refreshing of the dependent ports should be easy to do. At present, everything on FreshPorts is cached on disk. It should be easy to fix this up. There are 128,473 rows in the port_dependencies table. I think that would be easy to cache in memory.

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