Aug 082011

Alex wrote in to mention that FreshSource was missing some src commits. In fact, he wrote twice. I’m glad he did. I replied to his first post saying that I was seeing www commits… He pointed out that no src commits were turning up.


I checked my local mailing list archive (i.e. a folder in The last src commit I saw was 31 July. OK, that sounds like a switch was thrown on 1 Aug… Yes. FreshPorts had still been using the old list.

List-Id: **OBSOLETE** CVS commit messages for the src tree

However, code exists for parsing the new mailing list:

List-Id: SVN commit messages for the src tree for head/-current

Compare these two URLs and you’ll see that the latter contains the missing src commits:

These two websites use different ~/.procmail rules and scripts to get the data into the database. They also use two different databases. I’ll match up the rules and scripts, then throw the missing svn commit emails at them.

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  One Response to “Missing src commits”

  1. I think I’ve resolved this issue. The important part, at least. svn commits are now recorded in the main database.

    There is one issue I found. I’m seeing entries for both src/sys/dev/ahci/ahci.c and src/src/sys/dev/ahci/ahci.c (note the ‘src/’ prefix). I suspect these are not duplicated commits, but rather, commits which are not prefixing the pathname with src.

    I need to fix that one up. But for now, my priority is finding a job.