Sep 172011

A while back, the src tree for FreeBSD moved to svn. The ports tree is still on cvs. For some time now, has been including the svn commits. But now, as old mailing lists become inactive, it’s time to start integrating things into the main websites.

The dev and beta websites have been running on three different mailing lists and two repository types for a few months now. This sounds complicated, but because all of FreshPorts works off an XML-based input, all that’s needed for input is a script to convert the email commit to the XML format. From there, all commits are the same to FreshPorts.

FreshPorts now uses three mailing lists. If you think we should cover more, we can.

  1. cvs-doc : CVS commit messages for the doc and www trees
  2. cvs-ports : CVS commit messages for the ports tree
  3. svn-src-all : SVN commit messages for the entire src tree (except for “user” and “projects”)

Tonight I’ll be setting up a new FreshPorts server and going through the upgrade process to make sure all goes well.

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