The animated bug is gone

For some time, the website has had an animated bug. This was originally introduced to the development website as a visual clue for myself. It escaped into the wild through a commit. Today I’m fixing that mistake by making the image a configuration option of the website in question.

The bug

The diff for this change is:

$ cvs di configuration/freshports.conf.php.sample
Index: configuration/freshports.conf.php.sample
RCS file: /ncvs/repo/configuration/freshports.conf.php.sample,v
retrieving revision 1.4
diff -r1.4 freshports.conf.php.sample
< ?>
> define('SHOW_ANIMATED_BUG', false);

$ cvs di include/freshports.php
Index: include/freshports.php
RCS file: /ncvs/repo/include/freshports.php,v
retrieving revision 1.46
diff -r1.46 freshports.php
<       $HTML .= '<img src="/images/notbug.gif" alt="notbug" title="notbug">';
>     if (defined('SHOW_ANIMATED_BUG') && SHOW_ANIMATED_BUG)
>     {
>         $HTML .= '<img src="/images/notbug.gif" alt="notbug" title="notbug">';
>     }
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