subversion upgrade causes commit processing problems

I upgraded my development copy of FreshPorts and ran into a problem. I kept seeing this in the logs:

Jun 26 11:30:15 ngaio FreshPorts[37555]: sleeping after svn up failed for (/wdc/dan/PORTS-SVN '' 321793) 
Jun 26 11:34:25 ngaio FreshPorts[38219]: sleeping after svn up failed for (/wdc/dan/PORTS-SVN '' 321794) 
Jun 26 11:02:09 ngaio FreshPorts[30361]: sleeping after svn up failed for (/wdc/dan/PORTS-SVN '' 321792) 
Jun 26 10:09:38 ngaio FreshPorts[18863]: sleeping after svn up failed for (/wdc/dan/PORTS-SVN '' 321790) 
Jun 26 10:11:50 ngaio FreshPorts[19558]: sleeping after svn up failed for (/wdc/dan/PORTS-SVN '' 321791) 
Jun 26 08:06:34 ngaio FreshPorts[89077]: sleeping after svn up failed for (/wdc/dan/PORTS-SVN '' 321789) 

I also noticed that dev was not showing the same commits as prod and beta. It was lagged.

The processing log for a commit included this:

about to svn up = 'sh /wdc/dan/PORTS-SVN '' 321794
svn up result = 256
that svn up failed.  What do to?

num of params = 3
svn up -r 321794

fetch failed, sleeping...
There was a problem fetching, so I won't be telling the Observer that files have been fetched
adding that commit date to the daily summary refresh list

I tried running subversion myself:

$ cd /wdc/dan/FreshPorts/ports-jail/usr/ports
$ svn up -r 321794
svn: E155036: Please see the 'svn upgrade' command
svn: E155036: The working copy at '/wdc/dan/FreshPorts/ports-jail/usr/ports'
is too old (format 29) to work with client version '1.8.0 (r1490375)' (expects format 31). You need to upgrade the working copy first.
$ svn upgrade
svn: E200031: sqlite: attempt to write a readonly database (S8), executing statement 'CREATE UNIQUE INDEX IF NOT EXISTS I_NODES_MOVED ON NODES (wc_id, moved_to, op_depth); CREATE INDEX IF NOT EXISTS I_PRISTINE_MD5 ON PRISTINE (md5_checksum); UPDATE nodes SET presence = "server-excluded" WHERE presence = "absent"; UPDATE nodes SET file_external=1 WHERE file_external IS NOT NULL; '


Oh. After a few minutes of explaining the situation to others, I realized I’m doing this in the FreshPorts jail, which has the ports tree mounted read-only:

$ df -h /wdc/dan/FreshPorts/ports-jail/usr/ports
Filesystem            Size    Used   Avail Capacity  Mounted on
/wdc/dan/PORTS-SVN    108G     55G     44G    56%    /wdc/dan/FreshPorts/ports-jail/usr/ports

The solution was:

$ cd /wdc/dan/PORTS-SVN
$ svn upgrade

Then the update worked:

$ svn up -r 321794
Updating '.':
U    databases/sqlite3/Makefile
U    databases/cego/distinfo
U    databases/cego/Makefile
U    databases/mysql55-server/Makefile
U    databases/mysql55-server/distinfo
U    sysutils/gigolo/pkg-plist
U    sysutils/gigolo/Makefile
U    sysutils/gigolo/distinfo
UU   sysutils/py-ranger/distinfo
UU   sysutils/py-ranger/pkg-plist
U    sysutils/py-ranger/Makefile
UU   sysutils/racktables/pkg-plist
U    sysutils/racktables/Makefile
U    sysutils/racktables/distinfo
U    sysutils/dvdisaster/Makefile
UU   sysutils/dvdisaster/pkg-descr
U    Mk/
U    Mk/
U    Mk/
U    textproc/py-MarkupSafe/pkg-plist
U    textproc/py-MarkupSafe/Makefile
U    textproc/py-MarkupSafe/distinfo
U    textproc/py-MarkupSafe/pkg-descr
U    textproc/R-cran-XML/Makefile
U    textproc/R-cran-XML/distinfo
U    editors/libreoffice/Makefile
D    editors/libreoffice/files/patch-mdds-api-breakage
A    editors/libreoffice/files/patch-liborcus-0.5.x
A    editors/libreoffice/files/patch-connectivity__source__inc__dbase__dindexnode.hxx
A    editors/libreoffice/files/patch-mdds-0.8.x
U    editors/libreoffice/files/
U    editors/libreoffice/Makefile.common
U    emulators/kqemu-kmod-devel/Makefile
D    emulators/kqemu-kmod-devel/files/patch-tssworkaround
D    emulators/kqemu-kmod/files/patch-tssworkaround
U    emulators/kqemu-kmod/Makefile
U    astro/xearth/Makefile
D    astro/xearth/files/freebsd.submitters.markers
U    astro/xearth/files/freebsd.committers.markers
D    multimedia/freetuxtv/files
U    multimedia/freetuxtv/pkg-plist
U    multimedia/freetuxtv/Makefile
U    x11-wm/Makefile
A    x11-wm/compton
A    x11-wm/compton/Makefile
A    x11-wm/compton/distinfo
A    x11-wm/compton/pkg-descr
A    x11-wm/compton/files
A    x11-wm/compton/files/patch-c2.h
A    x11-wm/compton/files/patch-Makefile
A    x11-wm/compton/pkg-plist
U    misc/zoneinfo/pkg-descr
U    devel/binutils/Makefile
U    devel/binutils/distinfo
A    devel/binutils/files/patch-src_gas_config_tc-sparc.h
A    devel/concurrencykit
A    devel/concurrencykit/Makefile
A    devel/concurrencykit/distinfo
A    devel/concurrencykit/pkg-descr
A    devel/concurrencykit/
A    devel/concurrencykit/pkg-plist
U    devel/liborcus/distinfo
D    devel/liborcus/files/patch-src__liborcus__dom_tree.cpp
A    devel/liborcus/files/
U    devel/liborcus/pkg-plist
U    devel/liborcus/Makefile
U    devel/rubygem-safe_yaml/Makefile
UU   devel/rubygem-safe_yaml/distinfo
U    devel/mdds/pkg-plist
U    devel/mdds/Makefile
U    devel/Makefile
U    devel/p5-Test-CheckDeps/Makefile
U    devel/p5-Test-CheckDeps/distinfo
U    devel/nspr/Makefile
U    devel/nspr/distinfo
U    devel/rubygem-crack/Makefile
U    devel/rubygem-crack/distinfo
U    devel/p5-Data-Section/distinfo
U    devel/p5-Data-Section/Makefile
U    audio/clementine-player/Makefile
U    audio/cuberok/Makefile
U    audio/cuberok/pkg-descr
U    security/samhain/Makefile
U    security/samhain/distinfo
U    security/openconnect/Makefile
U    security/openconnect/distinfo
G    security/vuxml/vuln.xml
U    deskutils/dosage/Makefile
U    deskutils/dosage/distinfo
U    net/py-kombu/Makefile
U    net/py-kombu/distinfo
UU   benchmarks/tsung/pkg-plist
UU   benchmarks/tsung/Makefile
UU   benchmarks/tsung/distinfo
U    mail/qmailadmin/Makefile
U    mail/thunderbird-i18n/Makefile
U    mail/thunderbird-i18n/distinfo
U    mail/linux-thunderbird/distinfo
U    mail/linux-thunderbird/Makefile
U    mail/vpopmail/Makefile
D    mail/thunderbird/files/patch-bug854936
U    mail/thunderbird/Makefile
U    mail/thunderbird/distinfo
U    www/firefox-esr-i18n/Makefile
U    www/firefox-esr-i18n/distinfo
D    www/firefox/files/patch-bug824317
D    www/firefox/files/patch-bug854936
D    www/firefox/files/patch-clang33
D    www/firefox/files/patch-bug780432
D    www/firefox/files/patch-bug836824
D    www/firefox/files/patch-bug685258
D    www/firefox/files/patch-media-libsydneyaudio-src-sydney_audio_oss.c
U    www/firefox/files/extra-bug780531
U    www/firefox/files/patch-bug807492
U    www/firefox/files/patch-bug826985
U    www/firefox/files/patch-duckduckgo
U    www/firefox/Makefile
U    www/firefox/distinfo
A    www/rubygem-ethon
A    www/rubygem-ethon/Makefile
A    www/rubygem-ethon/distinfo
A    www/rubygem-ethon/pkg-descr
UU   www/rubygem-httpclient/Makefile
UU   www/rubygem-httpclient/distinfo
UU   www/rubygem-webmock/Makefile
UU   www/rubygem-webmock/distinfo
UU   www/p5-Dancer/Makefile
UU   www/p5-Dancer/distinfo
U    www/firefox-i18n/Makefile
U    www/firefox-i18n/distinfo
U    www/Makefile
U    www/firefox-esr/Makefile
U    www/firefox-esr/distinfo
D    www/firefox-esr/files/patch-bug854936
U    www/rubygem-unicorn/Makefile
U    www/rubygem-unicorn/distinfo
UU   www/rubygem-rack-protection/Makefile
UU   www/rubygem-rack-protection/distinfo
U    www/uwsgi/Makefile
U    www/uwsgi/distinfo
UU   www/rubygem-sinatra/Makefile
UU   www/rubygem-sinatra/distinfo
U    www/libxul/Makefile
U    www/libxul/distinfo
D    www/libxul/files/patch-bug854936
U    dns/libidn/Makefile
U    dns/libidn/distinfo
U    games/epiar/Makefile
U    games/epiar/distinfo
U    games/epiar/pkg-descr
Updated to revision 321794.

As you can see, there was quite a bit I was missing. Both from a comprehension and an svn point of view. I think it may be time for me to import the production database into dev again…

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