Captcha problem

The other day, captcha broke. But a concerned user mentioned that he was able to create an account despite that. I tried and failed to reproduce the problem.

Can you?

Here are the steps he mentioned:

  1. I went to
  2. Entered all my data without any captcha code entered and press “create account”
  3. Saw an error message saying captcha code is invalid
  4. Since I didn’t saw any image I tough this maybe this is another type of captcha (without image) and pasted “3 black symbols” at the input box which reads as “3 b” after pasting
  5. “create account” again and I saw the same error then I think I re-submit POST data 2-3 times and got a “welcome” message saying I’m registered then I got an “FreshPorts – user registration” email from where I’ve verified my account.

The user added: I forgot to tell that I intentionally used ctrl+r few times to re-submit data (like I do a regular page refresh, this is the same but keeps already submitted data) as I tough I might be finally able to see the missing captcha image without loosing my populated login info.

Can you help out here please?

captcha is working right now, but I could break it if that will help.

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