Multiple branches, multiple repos

I just realized (although, deep in the recesses of my innocent mind, I suspect I knew) that FreshPorts will require one repo for each branch. The email on the svn ports branches mailing list includes multiple branches. A quick glance around the archives finds me these branches:

I know there will be more branches in the future. I’ll need one repo for each.

New branches will be added every quarter. The system must allow for automatic deployment of a new repo. Commit processing should not grind to a halt waiting for an admin to set things up for a new branch. Complete automation is at the heart of FreshPorts. Therefore, the system will need to:

  1. detect a new branch
  2. get that new branch from svn
  3. configure the system to use that new branch

I’m optimistic enough to know this should be a straight forward matter of simple programming.

I’m experienced enough to know this will be tricky to do properly.

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