What branches means to FreshPorts

What do you want out of FreshPorts?

You want to know:

  • What is available
  • What version
  • Any notes in UPGRADING
  • Any vulnerabilities

You want to know about this for HEAD and for RELENG_9_1_0.

You want to know that on HEAD, sysutils/bacula-server is version 5.2.12_3, but on head, it’s 5.2.12.

That’s important. That’s commit history.

FreshPorts only adds something to a branch if there is a commit against it. Therefore, if you alter games/spellathon and there’s a dependency on x11/libICE, saving that dependency will fail because x11/libICE isn’t on that branch (in FreshPorts, because there have been no commits against it).

It’s almost as if whenever a new branch occurs, I need to do the database equivalent of:

cp -rp /ports/head /ports/branches/RELENG_9_1_0

This will also need the commit history. Looking at table sizes, that’s about 1,259,156 new entries for each branch… hmmm.

I’m not sure how to best handle this yet. It *sounds* like it might involve a lot of copying. Because when you branch, you get a lot of commit history coming with you.

This may interfere with my plan to completely automate the process. As aDe mentioned, it may be easier to semi-automate it with ‘click-here-to-initiate’.

I have thinking to do. Lots more thinking.

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