Note to self: dev ain’t working

I noticed a few days ago: is out of date with respect to vuxml.

That’s because the input processing for that website takes place in one jail, and the website (the output) takes places in another jail. There is no way for one to tell the other that something is ready for processing. This is a design issue.

Through the magic of jails, I plan to move, or at least, the website that the public sees, to another website.

My current home lab is configured with Nginx sitting behind pfSense, and in front of a few instances of Nginx and Apache. This allows me to put my webservers wherever I want, and tie them all together with Nginx as a proxy.

This move-around-of-stuff may afford me an opportunity to configure a FreshPorts installation via Ansible. I may not get to this until June or July, because of BSDCan and PGCon.

Of course, what may delay me entirely may be the naming of the new jail. Or, I could just move it all into the jail I’m now using for processing the input. That would be cleaner.

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