Quarterly branches are available

This afternoon, Bert JW Regeer wished that FreshPorts “would show information from the quarterly branches too…”.

I knew I had done some work on this and that there was a way to display branch information. I check the source code and found the ?branch= parameter, but there was nothing in the database for this branch.

I discovered several missing items. I apologize that this list will not refer to something you can check. It is mostly for my own notes when i come back to this later.

To try getting one commit into the try, I did this:

cd /usr/FreshPorts/ports-jail/usr/local</li>
sudo mkdir PORTS-2016Q2
sudo chown dan PORTS-2016Q2
cd PORTS-2016Q2
svn co svn://svn.freebsd.org/ports/branches/2016Q2 .

That took some time…

I grabbed a raw email from https://docs.freebsd.org/mail/current/svn-ports-branches.html and used it for testing. It seems that branches.pm needs to contain a hash of all branches we are using. Once I added 2016Q2 to that file, the commit was processed and loaded up.

That allows http://www.freshports.org/?branch=2016Q2 to display something.

Short term

In the short term, this needs to be done:

  1. svn co of each branch of the ports tree (now underway)
  2. Get copy of all emails sent to the svn-ports-branches email list (i.e. https://docs.freebsd.org/mail/archive/svn-ports-branches.html
  3. Remove requirement for each quarterly branch to be listed in branches.pm
  4. Automate the process of checking out each quarterly branch
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5 thoughts on “Quarterly branches are available”

  1. I’ve hit a problem:

    freshports.org=# select name, category, id, element_id, element_pathname(element_id) from ports_active where id in (40945, 41516, 35630);
           name        | category  |  id   | element_id |                  element_pathname                  
     mariadb100-client | databases | 41516 |     738175 | /ports/branches/2016Q2/databases/mariadb100-client
     mariadb100-server | databases | 40945 |     735845 | /ports/branches/2016Q2/databases/mariadb100-server
     mariadb100-client | databases | 35630 |     612540 | /ports/head/databases/mariadb100-client
    (3 rows)

    The problem arise when the code tries to execute PortsDependenciesAdd( ‘databases/mariadb100-client’, ‘security/openssl’, ‘R’ ). The code picks the branch on head for that, because the table does not cater for branches.

    freshports.org=# \d port_dependencies
             Table "public.port_dependencies"
             Column         |     Type     | Modifiers 
     port_id                | integer      | not null
     port_id_dependent_upon | integer      | not null
     dependency_type        | character(1) | not null
        "port_dependencies_pkey" PRIMARY KEY, btree (port_id, port_id_dependent_upon, dependency_type)
    Foreign-key constraints:
        "port_dependencies_port_id_dependent_upon_fkey" FOREIGN KEY (port_id_dependent_upon) REFERENCES ports(id) ON UPDATE CASCADE ON DELETE CASCADE
        "port_dependencies_port_id_fkey" FOREIGN KEY (port_id) REFERENCES ports(id) ON UPDATE CASCADE ON DELETE CASCADE
  2. But wait, the table does cater for branches, via element_id. Look at this:

          category_port ALIAS for $1;  
          pathname         text;
          port_element_id  int4;
          port_id          int4;
          l_branch         text;
    --      l_branch := freshports_branch_get();
          SELECT freshports_branch_get()
            INTO l_branch;
          RAISE NOTICE ' branch is %', l_branch;
          IF l_branch = 'head' THEN   
              pathname := '/ports/head/'                        || category_port;
              pathname := '/ports/branches/' || l_branch || '/' || category_port;
          END IF;
          RAISE NOTICE ' GetPort pathname is=%', pathname;
          port_element_id := Pathname_ID(pathname);
          IF port_element_id IS NOT NULL THEN
             SELECT id
               INTO port_id
               FROM ports
              WHERE element_id = port_element_id;
          END IF;
          RETURN port_id;
    $$ LANGUAGE 'plpgsql';

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