Sep 032019

I’m trying to think of a list of things that FreshPorts can do which might be useful.

I can think of these:

  • provides example dependency line. e.g. p5-XML-RSS>0:textproc/p5-XML-RSS
  • list of dependencies for a port
  • list of ports depending upon this port
  • Default configuration options
  • what packages install a given file (e.g. bin/unzip)
  • what ports does this person maintain?
  • which Makefiles contain a reference to bunzip?
  • search results can be plain-text consisting of a list of foo/bar ports
  • The Maximum Effort checkbox on the search page does nothing.
  • Committers can be notified of sanity test failures after the commit
  • Find a commit, any commit, based on SVN revision number, e.g. :

Any more ideas?

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