Things you didn’t know FreshPorts can do

I’m trying to think of a list of things that FreshPorts can do which might be useful.

I can think of these:

  • provides example dependency line. e.g. p5-XML-RSS>0:textproc/p5-XML-RSS
  • list of dependencies for a port
  • list of ports depending upon this port
  • Default configuration options
  • what packages install a given file (e.g. bin/unzip)
  • what ports does this person maintain?
  • which Makefiles contain a reference to bunzip?
  • search results can be plain-text consisting of a list of foo/bar ports
  • The Maximum Effort checkbox on the search page does nothing.
  • Committers can be notified of sanity test failures after the commit
  • Find a commit, any commit, based on SVN revision number, e.g. :

Any more ideas?

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2 thoughts on “Things you didn’t know FreshPorts can do”

  1. > Show the message (if one exists) for a package. Ideally provide an in-page anchor to the message

    e.g. I found this one:

    $ pkg query %M tarsnap
    If you have never used tarsnap before, you will need to create an account
    with the tarsnap service and deposit money into the account before you
    can start using tarsnap; see
    for details.
    Once you have a tarsnap account you will need to create a key file using
    the tarsnap-keygen utility before you start storing archives; this key
    file MUST BE KEPT IN A SAFE LOCATION since you will not be able to read
    your backups without it.

    The enhancement requests are good. Please add them to the queue at so that the next time I’m working on the website, I will pick that up.

    Thank you.

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