The server died

The FreshPorts server died on Friday night. I drove up on Sunday morning to retrieve it. I have not yet investigated the breakage. It might be the M/B.

It was suggested on IRC that replace instead of repair might be a better approach. The existing X8DTU m/b has some unresolved IPMI vulnerability issues. A newer single CPU would perform better than the pair of E5620 CPUs.

I’ve also considered going virtual, if someone would donate that.

Supermicro chassis
Supermicro Model 815-5
Supermicro Model 815-5
Supermicro Model 815-5

The dead system had 196GB of RAM, but I think 128GB would be fine. Keeping the database and the main cache files all in RAM (via ZFS ARC) helps throughput.

If you want to see graphs of the dead system, this recent tweet has them.

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