FreshPorts will disable user login/updates on March 31 as part of transition to git


The changeover from subversion to git for the FreeBSD project enters it’s final stage about three hours from now (as I type this). At 3:01 UTC on Mar 31 2021, the repository will become read-only. The full schedule for that process is in the FreeBSD wiki.

The first git commit is not expected until Apr 3rd.

That gives FreshPorts a couple of days to convert from subversion to git. The coding has been completed. The database needs to be modified, the new code installed, and configuration updates.

This change to FreshPorts represents the final stage of work which started over 13 months ago.

This process has had a few dry runs and it takes a few hours. Given the 3 day timeframe, the FreshPorts plans is laid out below.

  1. Drop the TTL because we will change to a new server.
  2. Disable user logins & disable account updates – a backup will be taken and any subsequent updates to production would not appear in the new database. About 12:30 UTC on 31 March
  3. Production will continue to serve up content during the updates.
  4. The new git-enabled website should be ready by about 20:00 UTC on 31 March.

The goals include:

  1. Apart from logins-disabled, you should not notice any change in service during the transition
  2. The plan is to reproduce the website on an AWS instance – this will be our first venture into that venue
  3. Service will gradually moved to the new website by use of multiple A and AAAA records.

Please watch our Twitter account and status page for updates.

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