Adding the ports_to_refresh table

These are the steps I’m following to add the ports_to_refresh table.

This is a list of issues I will track through this upgrade.

  1. branch badge not populated for commits on branch #327
  2. base/binutils page broken #328
  3. Wrong info about hplip-plugin port when using search #322
  4. Package message not presented for x11/nvidia-hybrid-graphics/files/ … #321
  5. 404: Warning: htmlentities() expects parameter 1 to be string, resource given in /usr/local/www/freshports/rewrite/missing.php on line 38 #329
  6. has an if which can be deleted #325
  7. date.php has in correct links to previous and next dates #323
  8. Direction to use nonexistent path /var/db/repos/ports/distfiles #319
  9. Adjust color scheme (in dark mode?) #330
  10. distinfo sections are sometimes too wide #320

These are the steps to upgrade a node:

Run these items to update the database via psql:

\i datatype.txt
\i sp.txt
\i updates-2021-08-24-ports-to-refresh.ddl

On the website node:

sudo pkg upgrade

Restart the website node.

On the ingress node:

sudo service freshports stop
sudo service ingress stop
sudo sysrc freshports_enable="NO"
sudo sysrc ingress_enable="NO"
sudo pkg upgrade

Restart the ingress node.

cd /usr/local/etc/freshports

Search for FreshPorts::Config::PortsToRefresh and copy it over from the sample file.

Look for diffs:

sudo diff -ruN | less

Copy over changes:


Check diffs:

sudo diff -ruN | less
sudo sysrc ingress_enable="YES"
sudo service ingress start

Wait for the first commit to come in, then:

sudo service ingress stop
sudo sysrc freshports_enable="YES"
cd ~ingress/message-queues/incoming/
sudo mv -i * ../holding
cd ../holding

Move one .xml file over to ../incoming

Then start processing:

sudo service freshports start

Monitor the commit processing.

to be done: update for the other issues above.

For nrpe, the following source file needs to be refreshed on the ingress host:


Invoke this command to do the refresh:

ansible-playbook nrpe.yml --tags=nrpe_sets

This is the required result:

[dan@test-ingress01:~] $ grep -r check_freshports_ports_to_refresh /usr/local/etc/nrpe.d/freshports-ingress.cfg
command[check_freshports_ports_to_refresh] = /usr/local/libexec/nagios-custom/check_freshports_ports_to_refresh

When ready to test the ports_to_refresh feature (the table is pre-populated with base/binutils by the DDL file run earlier), issue this command:

echo touch ~freshports/signals/ports_to_refresh ~freshports/signals/job_waiting | sudo su -fm freshports



Verify that base/binutils on this node resembles:

badges on commits

Confirm that a badge is shown here: (adjust the hostname for the node you are working on. See

P.license_restricted ports


Issue this fix into postgresql:

freshports.devgit=# begin; insert into cache_clearing_ports (port_id, category, port) select as port_id, as category, as port
  FROM ports P join categories C on p.category_id =
               join element    E on p.element_id =
 WHERE P.license_restricted is not null;


notify port_updated;

Monitor sudo tail -F /var/log/freshports/freshports.log while issuing the above. Much cache clearing should occur.

Then view for the node in question.



To refresh all nodes:

freshports.testgit=# begin;
freshports.testgit=# insert into ports_to_refresh(port_id) select id from ports_active;
INSERT 0 46220

Issue a commit.

Then on the ingress node:

echo touch ~freshports/signals/ports_to_refresh ~freshports/signals/job_waiting | sudo su -fm freshports

This update may take a while.



Visit for the correct node and be logged in.


Nothing to check here, if things are working, it’s working.



visit for the correct node and be able to scroll through dates

nonexistant directories


This should already be handled by previous refreshes:

freshports.testgit=# begin;
freshports.testgit=# insert into ports_to_refresh(port_id) select id from ports_active where category = 'net' and name = 'citrix_ica';
freshports.testgit=# commit;

Then on the ingress node:

echo touch ~freshports/signals/ports_to_refresh ~freshports/signals/job_waiting | sudo su -fm freshports

Visit for the correct node and see a reference /usr/ports.

dark mode colors


wide distinfo


see on the correct node.

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