Displaying all ports tree commits on the front page

The front page of FreshPorts is about to change, slightly.

At present, the front page contains only the the commits to the main branch of the FreeBSD. More precisely, it does not include:

  1. Commits to Mk/ or other similar non-port entities within the ports tree
  2. Commits to the quarterly branch (whatever the latest quarter is; right now quarterly = 2023Q4)

My plan is to include the above information on the front page. If only a given branch is desired, that can still be view by appending branch=quarterly or branch=HEAD (hmm, would main be better?).

Today I thought about adding links to quarterly and HEAD on the front page. That would help people realize the options exist.

This change also also apply to the data-based pages (e.g. /date.php?date=2023/10/09). That link appears at the bottom of each page. Perhaps I should include that at the top of the page as well.


Over the weekend, I was working on Commits against non-ports are not shown. I had modified the query to display non-port commits (e.g. Mk/) but it was also displaying commits against the quarterly branch. I added code to display only the branch. I started to remove branches from the default view and thought: why?

My view is that all commits to the ports tree belong on the front page. This unintentional change (while working on a bug) seems to be a more useful situation for all users.

Comments and suggestions welcome, here, or on the a href=”https://github.com/FreshPorts/freshports/issues/453″>issue mentioned above.

Thank you.

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