packaging up the git-specific code

This documents the git specific code which I need to package and deploy. /usr/local/libexec/freshports This is installed by freshports-scripts-git, and I have the directory symlinked to ~/scripts on for convenience. In this directory, we have the following symlinks to other directories: Ignoring lines 2 and 4 which are not relevant, we have this list

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Moving from GitHub to

The doc repo has moved from svn to git. This changeover occurred on 2020-12-09. The last svn commit was: 54737 The first git commit was: 3be01a475855e7511ad755b2defd2e0da5d58bbe To date, has been using for processing commits. Today’s work will convert from that GitHub repo to (actually, What changes are required The following changes

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git and svn handle copy differently

As a sanity check, there are several diffs to compare with and sometimes they detect a false positive. Case in point, a recent commit to Code_Aster: In the svnweb link, you will see: head/science/tfel-edf/ (Copied from head/science/tfel, r555690) It is that repo copy (i.e. svn copy) from science/tfel to science/tfel-edf which

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