Nov 082014

I noticed the server load was high. I saw that several instances of search by date where still running. Looking at the query in question: The analysis for this query is available at I redesigned the query to make use of explicit JOINs: The analysis for that query is at I’ll let readers […]

Oct 052014

New categories in the FreeBSD ports tree do not come along often, but when they do, FreshPorts is ready to pull the details in and get the category name right. def ProcessCategoryNew(): syslog.syslog(syslog.LOG_NOTICE, ‘We have a new category’) urllib.urlretrieve(“;content-type=text%2Fplain”, ‘/usr/websites/’); Touch(WWWENPortsCategoriesFlag) Touch(JOBWAITING) No. It’s not. That’s cvs. Won’t work. It will redirect to and […]

Oct 052014

Today, kwm mentioned that was out of date, showing the most recent commit as back in March. My first concern was the system had stopped recording such commits. To check on that, I looked at and searched my email for the most recent commit message. Extracting the message id from that email, I […]

Jul 092014

FreshPorts processes commits via email. That is, email coming in from the mailing list are received by FreshPorts, parsed, and the resulting data loaded into the database. Today a problem arose. I received these error messages: This List-Id/Message-Id combination is not known to this script. List-Id=’SVN commit messages for the ports tree for head ‘ […]

Jun 182014

A mail error is breaking many things, including the daily reports and sanity test failures. This problem is only on production, not on dev. The error is: could not open Mail::Sender. from=’FreshPorts Sanity Daemon <>’ to=’’ subject=’FreshPorts sanity checking’ errorcode=’-24′ errormsg=’IO::Socket::SSL- >start_SSL failed: SSL connect attempt failed with unknown error error:14090086:SSL routines:SSL3_GET_SERVER_CERTIFICATE:certificate verify failed’ I […]

Jun 172014

Yesterday I tweeted that FreshPorts now directs you to for a PR. I noticed the URL typo but I was headed to bed. Today, @FreeBSDHelp told me that links involving a category were wrong. Here’s the patch: The first half fixed the case for ports/1234 etc. The second half fixes: PR 1234, 123, and […]

Jan 292014

Tonight I started doing some database structure changes for branches. I thought: Hopefully nobody commits to two branches at once. Yes. They do. Oh oh. mat gave me a few examples: Look at those URLs and you’ll see: Changes in other areas also in this revision. The code already ignores everything after […]

Jan 292014

What do you want out of FreshPorts? You want to know: What is available What version Any notes in UPGRADING Any vulnerabilities You want to know about this for HEAD and for RELENG_9_1_0. You want to know that on HEAD, sysutils/bacula-server is version 5.2.12_3, but on head, it’s 5.2.12. That’s important. That’s commit history. FreshPorts […]