Oct 062018

From IRC: [Oct 05 22:41] zi: we have conflict matches: https://dev.freshports.org/security/openssl/ [Oct 06 09:08] dvl: cute. possible to add in a clickable link to take you to that matching port? :) [Oct 06 10:50] zi: That matching port, it’s just a package name, sometimes there is a matching port, sometimes there is not… But yeah, […]

Oct 042018

Today I updated the fp-listen and freshports daemons. These are the scripts which invalidate the cache and process incoming commits, respectively. No code changes were made, just the installations directories. Previously, this code when into /var/service but now they go into /usr/local/libexec/freshports-service and I create a symlink from /var/service as as required. This confirms to […]

Sep 262018

This post serves two goals: document the CONFLICTS implementation within FreshPorts show how you can use triggers to update a secondary table The FreeBSD ports tree / package collection has a method for resolving conflicts. This feature allows a port maintainer to specify what, if any, packages conflict with a given port. The reasons why […]

Aug 122018
Sudden sanity test failures

Today, FreshPorts broke. No commits were being processed. nullfs mounts were disappearing. No idea why. Let’s follow the clues. All times are local to me (Philadelphia). 12:46 pm Rene contacted me on IRC, presumably about a failed sanity test I had seen earlier in the day: You can look at Rene’s commit. Looking back, Rene’s […]

Mar 112018

Databases use relational integrity to enforce expected situations. A common scenario is duplicates. Case in point, I present the port_dependencies table: For those not familiar with FreeBSD ports, each port (you could also refer to them as a package or application) can have zero or more dependencies. The FreshPorts database extracts and lists these dependencies […]

Jan 222018

Jochen Neumeister noticed that FreshPorts no longer lists phpunit6. Sure enough, I went searching and failed to find it. It did not turn up. Then I checked Include deleted ports, then clicked on Search again. Ahh, there it it. Sure enough, it is marked as deleted. Look for the small icon at the top, just […]

Dec 152017

For several weeks, FreshPorts had a vuxml processing problem. In this blog post, I will share what I found. Introduction Incoming events for FreshPorts are handled by a small Python script which checks for flags and incoming commits. This ensures that work is carried out serially because parallel work can have unintended consequences. After each […]

Oct 102017

The previous post on this blog was nearly 10 months ago. However, things have not stood still. There have been a few issues fixed and some are still in progress. The biggest thing underway is a major rework of the backend, the part that processes the incoming commits. There is nothing major; no huge code […]

Dec 162016

Tonight, I was contacted by jrm on IRC, who told me that FreshPorts was missing something on a search. Yep. It was not in there. I looked on dev and I saw the same thing. Finding the cause I started by enabling debug on dev. I found this SQL: I started by removing one LEFT […]