Dec 172020

The doc repo has moved from svn to git. This changeover occurred on 2020-12-09. The last svn commit was: 54737 The first git commit was: 3be01a475855e7511ad755b2defd2e0da5d58bbe To date, has been using for processing commits. Today’s work will convert from that GitHub repo to (actually, What changes are required The following changes […]

Nov 272020

As a sanity check, there are several diffs to compare with and sometimes they detect a false positive. Case in point, a recent commit to Code_Aster: In the svnweb link, you will see: head/science/tfel-edf/ (Copied from head/science/tfel, r555690) It is that repo copy (i.e. svn copy) from science/tfel to science/tfel-edf which […]

Nov 232020

In the last post, I found that many commits were to the master branch when they should have been on the quarterly branch. Now I think I see why. See this XML: If it’s quarterly, it should name the branch. Case in point: 2020Q4. I went to to look for known quarterly commits. Hmm, […]

Nov 222020

I need to document this so I can refer to it while debugging. This follows the chain of scripts which processes a commit. Periodic FreshPorts, at present, checks for new commits every three minutes, via this entry in /etc/crontab: That will invoke this script: This is a cheat. It touches a file, which is […]

Nov 182020
How many ports are there?

A recent post on the FreeBSD Ports mailing list asked: Hi, I noticed a big difference between the number of ports on and on Currently, it’s 33348 vs. 41346. The’s number equals roughly the number of lines of a current INDEX, but how does FreshPorts count? Best, Moritz In short, they are […]

Nov 142020

Today I’m working on and fixing links to for individual commits. Some of these links are stunted to: commit/c2b0677 (i.e. no hostname) A theory I think I know why. The repo_id field of the commit_log table is empty. This field links to the commit to a specific row in the repo table. That […]

Sep 052020

I have no write up of the jails used by FreshPorts. The following originated in an email I sent this morning. FreshPorts runs on a FreeBSD host, hosting four jails. db – the PostgreSQL database server – the source for all content. connections via TCP/IP mx – Postfix takes incoming emails from subversion mailing list […]

Aug 262020
The server died

The FreshPorts server died on Friday night. I drove up on Sunday morning to retrieve it. I have not yet investigated the breakage. It might be the M/B. It was suggested on IRC that replace instead of repair might be a better approach. The existing X8DTU m/b has some unresolved IPMI vulnerability issues. A newer […]

Aug 252020

This is more for my own sanity for the next time I deploy a new FreshPorts host. There is no useful information here for anyone else. Base this upon the existing host: svn cp host_vars/ host_vars/NEWHOST svn cp roles/postgresql-server/templates/hosts/ roles/postgresql-server/templates/hosts/NEWHOST Edit these files: host_vars/NEWHOST roles/postgresql-server/templates/hosts/NEWHOST/pg_hba.conf.j2 roles/postgresql-server/templates/hosts/NEWHOST/postgresql.conf.j2 Create ssl certs for: NEWHOST