Sep 142022

The Libreoffice homepages seem wrong. dev and test do not show a homepage for arabic/libreoffice, but stage and prod do. Could this be a commit which corrected something after dev and test were corrected? I think so. I think this commit did that. Let’s check from the command line. I’m doing this in my empty […]

Sep 142022

By “post correction”, I meant “post-correction script”, i.e. after the correction script completed. A recent commit started the process of moving the WWW from pkg-descr to Makefile. These were huge commits, about 27930 ports each. FreshPorts is dumb. It sees a commit and it refreshes all ports touched by that commit. Refreshing every port takes […]

Sep 102022

Today I learned, or at best, relearned, a new make target: root@freshports:/usr/ports/sysutils/anvil # make create-manifest root@freshports:/usr/ports/sysutils/anvil # ls -lt | head total 14 drwxr-xr-x 3 root wheel 3 Sep 10 17:26 work -rw-r–r– 1 root wheel 337 Sep 10 16:06 pkg-descr -rw-r–r– 1 root wheel 182 Sep 10 16:06 distinfo -rw-r–r– 1 root wheel 1050 […]

Jul 092022

The July 4th tweet announced “dev, test, and stage are now running Python 3.9”. Three days later, “Is it coincidental that dev, test, and stage are all stuck on commits from July 4?” I took notes as I explored the problem. The first clue was: 2022.07.07 00:12:03 /usr/local/libexec/freshports/ –repo ports –path /var/db/ingress/repos/ports –branch […]

Apr 202022

I need some help with the git processing shell script. Look at line 82 in this script please. See those hardcoded branch names? That’s my problem. Let’s reduce the shell script to a simple proof of concept. % cat ~/tmp/ #!/bin/sh git for-each-ref –format ‘%(objecttype) %(refname)’ \ | sed -n ‘s/^commit refs\/remotes\///p’ \ | while […]

Jan 122022

One of the known limitations of mkjail is updating of jails within jails. Unless you’re running a FreshPorts node or poudriere while you’re running mkjail, this is unlikely to affect you. For me, to avoid this stoppage, this is my plan: ssh to each jail: csshX [dev,test,stage]-ingress01 disable commit processing: sudo service freshports stop stop […]

Oct 232021

Messages such as: Internal error: I was expecting a short description and found nothing for databases/postgresql indicate a cache entry which predates a change to the cache format. I could clear out the entire cache, but I want to try a targeted approach. In issue 339, some detail is provided. The common thread seems to […]

Oct 142021

Recently I started seeing this message in the production logs for FreshPorts: What code produces that message? GitHub makes searching for that message easy. I found it here: What port has this issue? Searching the webserver logs, I find: Always be able to reproduce the issue If I cannot reproduce the issue myself, I cannot […]