May 292021
lack of index brings website to a crawl

Today at about 1:00 pm Philadelphia time, the website went offline. It was still there, it just could not answer any queries. In this post: Website and database server running in AWS FreeBSD 12.2 on a t3.medium EC2 instance PostgreSQL 12.5 running on a db.t2.large RDS instance Initial look Looking at load, it was acceptable: […]

May 092021

This post is a how-to and reminder for myself. I’m working on finding a better way for FreshPorts to know a new physical ports category when it finds it. I think the only way is to look at the directories in the FreeBSD ports repo. A discussion on IRC led to this shell script: [dan@devgit-ingress01:/var/db/ingress/repos/ports] […]

May 082021

This post is related to a recent tweet. It was months ago that I wondered why one port installed another as a dependency. I could see no link. Since it FreshPorts ports, earlier this week I did some testing: I removed the package, and it’s own dependencies from dev, then test, and finally stage. Monitoring […]

Apr 132021

This post is mostly for personal use as I investigate this topic. It may take a few days and I need to keep notes. Last week, FreshPorts went live with git commits. There are some outstanding issues, such as commits to branches, which I will catch up on in the weeks to come. During that […]

Mar 092021

I had noticed a problem with my full text search solution when I was testing. If the input query contained a quote, an error resulted on the query. At the time, I attributed that to a poor input/text handling. Later, I realized I was wrong. On the website, this PHP code is used: Where $this->Query […]

Mar 092021

In yesterdays blog post, Replacing a column search with a full text search solution, I wanted to mention how adding a LIMIT 10 to a fast running query made it run slower. I didn’t remember that issue until this morning. Fortunately, the fix was low cost. The query This is the query I ran: The […]

Mar 082021

One of the many useful features on FreshPorts is: what port[s] install[s] this file? That’s the pkg-plist search option. pkg-plist is a file which “lists all the files installed by the port”. However not all ports have a pkg-plist file because the list is compiled automatically. That is why the configure_plist table was created to […]

Feb 242021

This is a cheat sheet for FreshPorts behind-the-scenes administration. If you want one for users, please start with suggested content. Ingress Actions – Take a commit from the repo and insert it into the database. Will fail if commit is already there. REPO is one of src, ports, doc. Hash is the git commit […]