Apr 172020

In the previous post I documented how the packages_raw table is updated to populate the abi_id and port_id columns. This post will discuss how that data is then pushed into the packages table. Thoughts When updates arrived, they arrive in quantity. The latest update was 30474 records. From that, we will have some new package, […]

Apr 162020

This post is another in the packages series. It documents how the data is transformed from the raw form (pacakges_raw) into normalized data (packages). The Packages – how is this data stored? post may be useful reading. The primary purpose of this blog post is documentation of the above mentioned transformation process. Along the way […]

Apr 142020

This post documents what I recently put into a gist on Github. It should serve as a rough introduction to how FreshPorts handles packages extracted from packagesite.yaml files. All the platforms These are the plaforms (also known as ABI) for which we are monitoring packages created by the FreeBSD project. They relate to URLs found […]

Apr 122020

Since the last past, I’ve added quarterly packages to the system. I want to outline the changes while I remember the. I will start by outline the tables we have. abi The abi table contains the usual suspects. Entries in this table are added manually, when a new release comes out. See https://pkg.freebsd.org for examples […]

Mar 292020

The plan for today was not decided until after I got out of bed. I sat down with coffee and looked through the list of tasks. I found one which appealed: monitor the cache_clearing_ports & cache_clearing_dates tables This is part one of a two-part story. The first part deals with fixing a database table before […]