Feb 062021

EDIT: update, I think I have solved this via help on IRC. See solution. I need help configuring Postfix. I am overwhelmed by the options available and I need to stay on track by working on the rest of the git changes. I have changed references to the FreshPorts domain. I’m using example.org instead. Background […]

Jan 312021

In this post I’ll talk about how the code intially took the easy way out and how recent changes have tightened that up. In short, the code would raise N messages when just a single notification is sufficient. Today the full vuxml database was reloaded into FreshPorts. This affects approximately 3454 ports and the marking […]

Jan 072021

This documents the git specific code which I need to package and deploy. /usr/local/libexec/freshports This is installed by freshports-scripts-git, and I have the directory symlinked to ~/scripts on devgit.freshports.org for convenience. In this directory, we have the following symlinks to other directories: Ignoring lines 2 and 4 which are not relevant, we have this list […]

Jan 012021

This post documents the database upgrade process. Issues encountered during initial attempts There are permission issues on the database. Not everything is owned by the postgres super-user. In fact, many of them are owned by dan – this database is 20+ years old. To easily resolve the ownership issue, I take the database dump (named […]

Dec 212020

Just like I moved devgit.freshports.org from github to git.freebsd.org for the doc repo on Thursday, today (Monday), I’m doing the same thing for the src repo. The jail uses storage on an nvd-based zpool. First, create a new filesystem: [dan@slocum:~] $ sudo zfs create nvd/freshports/devgit/ingress/repos/src You can see it appear here in the jail, but […]

Dec 192020
Testing the database conversion process

My plan is to update the production website and database in place. To test this process, a copy of the production database has been copied to the pg02.int.unixathome.org PostgreSQL database server and is now available as freshports.dgnew. The first test was the database update process. I think I have that settled now. Pointing the devgit.freshports.org […]

Dec 172020

The doc repo has moved from svn to git. This changeover occurred on 2020-12-09. The last svn commit was: 54737 The first git commit was: 3be01a475855e7511ad755b2defd2e0da5d58bbe To date, devgit.freshports.org has been using https://github.com/freebsd/freebsd-doc/ for processing commits. Today’s work will convert from that GitHub repo to https://cgit.freebsd.org/doc/ (actually, https://git.freebsd.org/). What changes are required The following changes […]