Jul 152016

About two weeks ago, I wrote a function for creating a port. This will take the port from head and copy it to a branch. This is vital because of the reasons discussed here: creating a new port and copying a port from head to a branch. This function worked and was useful, but it […]

Jul 022016

In my two previous posts I talked about creating a new port and copying a port from head to a branch. The goal of this post is the creation of a new function: CreatePortOnBranch($category_name, $port_name, $CommitBranch) The failed start I started out with this stored procedure: Running it gave this message: # select CreatePort(‘sysutils’, ‘bacula-server’, […]

Jun 272016

Marie Helene asked a very good question: Does the “for run” dependency list only list direct dependencies, or depends of depends too? The answer is yes, only direct dependencies, but all the information is there to provide a complete list of all dependencies. The table looks like this: Here is the list of dependencies for […]

Jun 182016

This afternoon, Bert JW Regeer wished that FreshPorts “would show information from the quarterly branches too…”. I knew I had done some work on this and that there was a way to display branch information. I check the source code and found the ?branch= parameter, but there was nothing in the database for this branch. […]

Dec 292015

Sir l33tname asked: @DLangille is it possible to show on freshports when there is no package for a port? — Sir l33tname (@l33tname) December 29, 2015 That’s a good question. It took some more questions on IRC for me to figure it out. Here is what I know. The port in question is net-p2p/btsync and […]