Jul 252016

FreshPorts uses a cache for every port page (e.g. https://www.freshports.org/sysutils/bacula-server/). When an update to a port occurs, we must clear the cache for that port. This sounds simple, and it is. The various ways in which updates occur complicates the situation. This post is all about fixing one edge case: the addition or removal of […]

Jul 182016

Recently, I’ve been adding more and more file content into the database, mostly because it’s useful. For example, we add the contents of the distinfo, because that information is useful. Next, it was pkg-plist, and before I was done that, someone suggested added in the Makefile. Neither pkg-plist nor Makefile will be perfect: Not all […]

Jul 152016

About two weeks ago, I wrote a function for creating a port. This will take the port from head and copy it to a branch. This is vital because of the reasons discussed here: creating a new port and copying a port from head to a branch. This function worked and was useful, but it […]

Jul 022016

In my two previous posts I talked about creating a new port and copying a port from head to a branch. The goal of this post is the creation of a new function: CreatePortOnBranch($category_name, $port_name, $CommitBranch) The failed start I started out with this stored procedure: Running it gave this message: # select CreatePort(‘sysutils’, ‘bacula-server’, […]

Jun 272016

Marie Helene asked a very good question: Does the “for run” dependency list only list direct dependencies, or depends of depends too? The answer is yes, only direct dependencies, but all the information is there to provide a complete list of all dependencies. The table looks like this: Here is the list of dependencies for […]

Jun 182016

This afternoon, Bert JW Regeer wished that FreshPorts “would show information from the quarterly branches too…”. I knew I had done some work on this and that there was a way to display branch information. I check the source code and found the ?branch= parameter, but there was nothing in the database for this branch. […]