Jul 092020

I want to document some of the not-visible differences between a git commit and a subversion commit when in the database. subversion git id 808224 808303 message_id 202007091812.069IC6QK044004@repo.freebsd.org a1d2d5b40fba4186daf29b2b2e9ff2dd8b7d8039 message_date 2020-07-09 18:12:06+00 2020-07-09 18:12:06+00 message_subject svn commit: r541803 – in head/devel: . py-absl-py [null] date_added 2020-07-09 18:39:53.510006+00 2020-07-09 18:59:49.863092+00 commit_date 2020-07-09 18:12:06+00 2020-07-09 18:12:06+00 committer […]

Jul 042020

This is another post in the FreshPorts-git series. Yesterday was good progress. This morning (at Sat Jul 4 13:05:10 UTC 2020) I manually initiated another import of commits from git. It looked like this: This created one XML file for each git commit. The files are dropped into the ~freshports/messages-queues/incoming directory. The freshports-git daemon (well, […]

Jun 302020

I’m documenting this as a go along because I’m sure I’ll be doing something that I later wish I had written down. Create the repo This creates a FreeBSD git-based port repo. echo git clone https://github.com/freebsd/freebsd-ports.git /var/db/freshports/ports-jail/var/db/repos/PORTS-head-git | sudo su -l freshports The latest local commit This tells us the hash of the latest commit […]

Jun 282020

Recently, a new use of ZFS snapshots was introduced for a cache on FreshPorts. This approach involves creating a snapshot on the empty cache, then rolling back to that snapshot when the cache needs to be cleared. This idea came from this Tweet after much discussion on how to properly and safely delete directory contents […]

Jun 212020

git is coming to FreeBSD. The initial FreshPorts work for git started in September, then was abandoned for unknown reasons. It just fell off the RADAR. This week, it came back to my attention. References Some of the initial research was over Twitter. I’m saving those references here for future reference. The Tweet about the […]

Jun 032020

How long does it take for a new repo to come online. FreshPorts does not have a lot of stats yet, but here is what we have today: Roughly, it’s every two days. The value in repo_date is taken from packagesite.txz as found at https://pkg.freebsd.org/FreeBSD:12:amd64/latest/ for example. What are inserts, updates, deletes? inserts: The number […]

May 302020

I noticed this today: root 58697 0.0 0.0 10680 2180 – IJ 12May20 0:00.00 /usr/local/bin/readproctitle service errors: …/site_perl/FreshPorts/vuxml_parsing.pm line 232, chunk 1.\nWide character in print at /usr/local/lib/perl5/site_perl/FreshPorts/vuxml_parsing.pm line 232, chunk 1.\nWide character in print at /usr/local/lib/perl5/site_perl/FreshPorts/vuxml_parsing.pm line 232, chunk 1.\nUndefined subroutine &FreshPorts::CommitterOptIn::RecordErrorDetails called at ./process_vuxml.pl line 124, chunk 1.\n I should monitor that process better. […]

May 182020
Packages - now in production

On Sunday, the packages project was moved into production. This project was both fun and challenging. The goal: within 1 hour of the repo being updated, FreshPorts has the packages imported and updated for your viewing pleasure. Today, I went checking to see if a repo update had occurred. An issue was found and corrected. […]

Apr 292020

When a new repo is imported, the packages cache needs to be deleted. The cache is on the front-end, the web server. Cache clearing on the web server is handled by the fp-listen daemon. It does this by using the LISTEN command. The list of channels it listens to is controlled by the listen_for table: […]

Apr 282020

Today, while I wasn’t looking, both dev and test located and imported new package information for: FreeBSD:11:amd64 FreeBSD:11:i386 FreeBSD:12:amd64 FreeBSD:12:i386 FreeBSD:13:amd64 FreeBSD:13:i386 However, the packages table was not correctly updated. Why? Because I lost some function code I wrote. This is the code which was in use, as mentioned in Using DEFERRABLE INITIALLY DEFERRED on […]