Bacula 1.38.8 changes


Yes, I’m a big fan of Bacula. It’s a great backup solution. I recently became the port maintainer. I’d like to point out a few recent changes.

Please read /usr/ports/UPDATING with regards to rcNG scripts. You must now add entries to /etc/rc.conf or /etc/rc.conf.local to allow the Bacula daemons to start.

You must read the ReleaseNotes each time you upgrade. When upgrading from before 1.38.8 to 1.38.8 or later, these points may affect you:

  • The Windows FD no longer automatically folds the case in wild-card comparions. To get the same behavior as before, you must explicitly use “Ignore Case = yes” in your FileSet.
  • Regex,RegexDir, and RegexFile for Win32 have been implemented but they are untested, so test carefully before using
  • Backslashes are no longer permitted in File directives (typical error for Windows users), unless the string is enclosed in double quotes, in which case, the backslashes must be doubled.
  • The new algorithm for selecting Volumes from the Scratch pool that was implemented in 1.38.6 and 1.38.7 is abandoned in favor of a corrected version of the 1.38.5 algorithm.

You’ve been told.

Expect the FreeBSD port to be upgraded to 1.38.8 within a day or so.

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