Removing an icon from FreshPorts

Things change. They evolve. In previous versions of FreshPorts, to see the files for a particular commit, you went to /category/ports/files.php?message_id=Some.Message.ID. But no longer. Now you can see all the details at /commit.php?message_id=Some.Message.ID. That’s a shorter URL and eliminates some ugly URL parsing. commit.php now doubles up and shows you both the commit details and

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Rearranging the URL with mod_rewrite

And today, for my first trick (yes, it is my first trick, but my second post today), I shall transform this URL: http://www.freshports.org/news/pan2/files.php?message_id=200605010349.k413nOGF019378@repoman.freebsd.org into http://www.freshports.org/commit.php?message_id=200605010349.k413nOGF019378@repoman.freebsd.org&category=news&port=pan2&files=yes Why? Because it is impolite to break existing URLs. It is far better to redirect them to the new improved content. Our documentation for today’s exercise shall be http://httpd.apache.org/docs/1.3/mod/mod_rewrite.html#RewriteRule. Our

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