Jun 122006

Lars Engels had an idea. Why not have a place where you can download a port skeleton? You know, the files that make up a port (Makefile, pkg-plist, distinfo, etc).

As Lars put it:

It came to my mind when I tried out the Frenzy live cd yesterday. It does not have the iwi-firmware port installed so I had no network connection. I booted windows, and searched for the port’s skeleton as a tarball but couldn’t find it

He asked me if FreshPorts could do that. I figured it could.

FreshPorts always has the latest, more or less, copy of the ports tree. It has everything it needs. Why not?

I thought we could use http://tarballs.freshports.org/sysutils/bacula-server.tgz <== easy to keep the robots away And we could use different formats for fetching:

  • http://tarballs.freshports.org/tarball.php?package=bacula-server <== by package
  • http://tarballs.freshports.org/tarball.php?port=sysutils/bacula-server <== by port

But we should have a snappy name for the site, instead of tarballs… Who is the patron saint of packaging? ;) Or gift wrapping? Something catchy like that.

The script could be pretty simple. All in PHP.

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  One Response to “Link to download a port skeleton”

  1. Well, Archangel Michael is the patron saint of postal workers … that’s as close as I could come up with. :)