Watch list interface changes

Royce Williams wrote in with a good suggestion about the watch list interface. When I read it, I immediately new it was a good idea.

Royce said the existing icons for adding and removing a port from the watch list were not intuitive. He suggesting using as a base, and putting either a plus (+) or a minus (-) for adding and removing, respectively. It took me about an hour (a gifted graphics person I am not) with gimp to get the new add (add) and remove (remove) that you now see on the BETA website.

Royce also suggested that the action icons (add/remove) should be separate from the characteristic icons (e.g. Forbidden, Restricted, Broken). I agreed. The add/remove icons are now at the start of the line, just before the port name.

The above features will remain in BETA until later this week. I’m looking forward to feedback, suggestions, and comments.

To top it all off, Royce also found a bug, introduced with caching (yes, another caching bug). It was an off-by-one bug. When I extracted the element id from the caching file, I was dropping the last digit of the number.


The problem code was:

$EndOfFirstLine = strpos($HTML, "\n");
$ElementID = intval(substr($HTML, 0, $EndOfFirstLine - 1));

FYI, the new code is:

$EndOfFirstLine = strpos($HTML, "\n");
$ElementID = intval(substr($HTML, 0, $EndOfFirstLine));

In both cases, the objective is to take the first line of the string $HTML, and put it into an integer variable. I’ll be you have an idea of a better way to do that. Please feel free to add your comments.

I suggest you review your watch list and ensure you have what you think you have. Sorry. The fix is now in production.

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