OSCON results in more FreshPorts coding!

I have good news. Not only I have returned from OSCON with 8 (eight) Raptor HDD in tow, but I made good use of the travel time to start coding some new features. What new features?


  • Filtering – I made a first crack at filtering on the way from Detroit to Portland, OR. It was easier than I thought it would be. It’s REASONABLY fast, given that I’ve only tested it on my laptop. Further tests show it does not scale well (the more things you filter against, the slower it gets), but that problem may related to HOW I’m grabbing data from the database. Most of this work was behind-the-scenes-let’s-see-if-the-database-can-do-this-before-we-do-any-UI-coding testing. It came out rather well. I plan to show you how I did that in a future post.
  • Filtering UI – On the flight from Vancouver to Ottawa, I got some work done on a user interface (UI) for adding arbitrary items to your watch list (e.g. watch a category, a patch file). I hope to get this into beta soon so you can play with it and provide feedback. I’m also keen to hear suggestions for the UI.

Let me recover from all the travel, get stuff checked in, and uploaded to the BETA site, and then we’ll have stuff to talk about!

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