Commit drill downs

A drill down refers to moving from summary information to detailed data by focusing in on something. On a ports commit, you can drill down in several ways. Take this commit for example. You can the following ways to drill down:

takes you to the FreeBSD email archive

takes you to the commit details [1]

shows the what files this commit touched for a particular commit

Now, what if you wanted to see all the files touched by a particular commit? At present, you need to view the original commit email. But I’m working on something so you can see it from within FreshPorts. Try viewing the above mentioned commit in the beta website. Try the see all files link. That’s what I’m planning on using throughout the website.

About the FILES icon. I am thinking of redoing the URL involved with the files for a particular port that touched by a commit. For example, at, click on the FILES icon next to rtcw. You are taken to this URL:

I think I’d rather use a URL that looks like this:

Why? Because it makes more sense. And it is one less virtual address. I was also toying with the idea of using files.php to display all files for the commit, as in this URL:

But I’m undecided here.

What do you think? Which one makes more sense? What is a good way to drill down into a commit?

Comments please. Thank you.

1 – Yes, it’s the same URL as you’re at now, but imagine seeing this icon elsewhere in the website.

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