Rearranging the URL with mod_rewrite

And today, for my first trick (yes, it is my first trick, but my second post today), I shall transform this URL:


Why? Because it is impolite to break existing URLs. It is far better to redirect them to the new improved content.

Our documentation for today’s exercise shall be

Our first attempt at fixing this is:

RewriteRule ^(.*)/(.*)/files.php?(.*)  /commit.php?message_id=$3&category=$1&port=$2&files=yes [R=permanent]

This fails. I get this:

Why? Because I didn’t understand that RewriteRule can inspect the REQUEST_URI, not the QUERY_STRING. So what I needed to so is add QSA to my flags and remove message_id=$3 from the target. Like this:

RewriteRule ^/(.*)/(.*)/files\.php$ /commit.php?category=$1&port=$2&files=yes [R=permanent,QSA]

There, now we get redirected to the right place!

However, the query string parameters are not in the same order as existing URLs. What to do! OH WHAT TO DO!

Simple. Redesign the existing URLs. Why? For consistency. I would prefer to have URLs of the form:

But this will do:

Why do I want it consistent? Easier to read. And perhaps search engines won’t be pulling down the same page multiple times just because the query string parts differ in order. It’s hard enough to write a search engine without comparing query strings.

My thanks to DrBacchus on #apache for pointing out the error of my ways.

Done. Ship it.

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