Removing an icon from FreshPorts

Things change. They evolve. In previous versions of FreshPorts, to see the files for a particular commit, you went to /category/ports/files.php?message_id=Some.Message.ID. But no longer. Now you can see all the details at /commit.php?message_id=Some.Message.ID. That’s a shorter URL and eliminates some ugly URL parsing.


commit.php now doubles up and shows you both the commit details and the files associated with that commit. It can also show you the files associated with a given port (e.g. what files for sysutuils/bacula-server changed on this commit?).

Now we have two links to commits.php. I am phasing one of them out. The attached screen shot shows the current situation. I have smudged out the icon on two of the rows of the commit history. If you look at the same page on the beta site you will see what it will really look like.

Similarly, I will be removing the same duplicated link wherever it occurs, like the list of commits found on the front page, or the last 100 commits, or the list of commits for a given day.

Any comments?

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