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One of the as yet unexploited capabilities of the FreshPorts database is the ability to watch non-ports. On the train from Ottawa to Montreal, as I was headed for the PHP Conference, I worked on creating notification reports for non-ports. It took about an hour, but I suceeded. The changes are not significant, and I hope to get it into production, or at least beta, very soon.

The notification email looked something like this:

Port count: 15910
 New ports:     0

  Update 4.0.2 --> 4.0.3 to fix two security bugs in the utf8 combining
  characters handling.
  documents this bugfix.
  Approved by:	  portmgr (marcus)
  25 Oct 2006 - cy

That’s an old commit, but this was a test run on my laptop… I don’t update that database with new data very often.

This report allows you to watch specific files anywhere in the repository, not just ports. src. www. docs. Evyerwhere.

From this foundation, the next step would be watching a directory. That’s pretty easy. All the foundations are there. I just need another road trip so I can work on it.

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