More NULL problems

This morning I encountered more NULL problems. The error in question was:

$ cat 2008. 
DBD::Pg::st execute failed: ERROR:  column "enull" does not exist
LINE 19:        depends_lib       = ENULL, 
Could not execute SQL 
update ports  
   set short_description = E'A KDE editor/modeler for POV-RayTM scenes', 
       long_description  = E'KPovModeler is a graphical editor / modeler for
POV-RayTM scenes.


- Stefan Jahn', 
       version           = '0.2', 
       revision          = '0', 
       maintainer        = E'', 
       homepage          = E'', 
       master_sites      = E'', 
       extract_suffix    = NULL, 
       depends_build     = E'/usr/X11R6/bin/moc:/usr/ports/x11-toolkits/qt31 gmake:/usr/ports/devel/gmake', 
       depends_run       = E'povray:/usr/ports/graphics/povray31 /usr/X11R6/bin/moc:/usr/ports/x11-toolkits/qt31', 
       depends_lib       = ENULL, 
       forbidden         = E'', 
       broken            = E'', 
       deprecated        = ENULL, 
       ignore            = ENULL, 
       master_port       = ENULL,
       latest_link       = ENULL, 
       no_latest_link    = ENULL, 
       no_package        = ENULL, 
       package_name      = ENULL, 
       portepoch         = E'0', 
       restricted        = NULL, 
       no_cdrom          = NULL, 
       expiration_date   = NULL, 
       is_interactive    = NULL, 
       only_for_archs    = NULL,
       not_for_archs     = NULL,
       showconfig        = NULL,
       categories        = E'graphics kde'
, last_commit_id                = 305339 where id = 8835 ... maybe invalid? ERROR:  column "enull" does not exist
LINE 19:        depends_lib       = ENULL, 

The problem is some fields cater for NULL, some do not. When this was coded, some fields became NULL when grabbing values from Makefiles (via make -V), others did not. I should have Done The Right Thing ™ and allowed for NULL in all the values, but I did not. I’ll make these changes now. This should not take long.

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