Solution found for base64 emails

I think I have a solution for base64 emails. I emailed Matthew Seaman on Wednesday about this issue. He put me onto two very useful Perl modules:

The solution is coded below:

sub myGetMessage {
    my ($message);
    my ($encoding);

    while (<>) {
        $message .= $_;

    $encoding = myGetMessage_ContentTransferEncoding($message);
    print $encoding;

    if ($encoding eq 'base64')
        # we need to extract the body from this message, base64 decode it, and go from there...
        my $parsed = Email::MIME->new($message);
        my $content_type = $parsed->content_type;


        my $header = $parsed->header_obj;
        $message = $header->as_string . $parsed->body_str;


    return $message;

I have yet to use this against any real commits, but it works just fine against the test message I have here.

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