git – the next FreshPorts project

git is coming to FreeBSD.

The initial FreshPorts work for git started in September, then was abandoned for unknown reasons. It just fell off the RADAR. This week, it came back to my attention.


Some of the initial research was over Twitter. I’m saving those references here for future reference.

Today, I created new new FreeBSD jails for this work:

  1. devgit-ingress01 – for processing of incoming FreeBSD commits
  2. devgit-nginx01 – for displaying those commits

As the names suggests, these jails are specific to git. The website is not yet publicly available, but will be soon.

Current status

At present, we have a script which will process “GIT commit entries into XML files digestible by the FreshPorts backend”.

This script has been used to process a git commit.

Current task list

This is the current task list:

  • pull in the local changes from the proof of concept jail – this includes both ingress and www code.
  • Branch the ingress code – the www code has already been branched and is in place on devgit-nginx01
  • get devgit-nginx01 online so the public can see it – see
  • Incorporate the scripts into the FreshPorts automation
  • package the code into git-specific instances
  • Create test, stage, and prod instances for the git-specific code – only dev exists so far
  • Create the database instances for those new environments
  • Adjust the backups to cover the 8 new jails and 4 new databases – freshports.devgit is being backed up
  • create certs for the four new environments

I am sure other tasks will come to mind over the next few days, but I always like to have a starting point.

Welcome to the next adventure.

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