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Removing an icon from FreshPorts

Things change. They evolve. In previous versions of FreshPorts, to see the files for a particular commit, you went to /category/ports/files.php?message_id=Some.Message.ID. But no longer. Now you can see all the details at /commit.php?message_id=Some.Message.ID. That’s a shorter URL and eliminates some ugly URL parsing. commit.php now doubles up and shows you both the commit details and …

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Opti has left the building

The 2U dual opteron server I’ve been writing about has left the building. On Monday, FedEx took control of the box. On Wednesday, it was delivered to an undisclosed location in Elk Grove, California, USA. On Thursday, it will be driven to San Jose California, where it will be installed at the SuperNews bunker. \o/

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