A port specified in the RUN_DEPENDS does not exist

I am seeing this error from time to time:

This message was generated by the FreshPorts Daemon.

The database is freshports.org
at http://dev.freshports.org/

A port specified in the RUN_DEPENDS does not exist: 'lang'

I am quite sure it’s easy to fix, but there is this time issue….

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1 thought on “A port specified in the RUN_DEPENDS does not exist”

  1. I know why this occurs.

    When a commit is processed, each port is saved twice.

    First, the basic details are saved.

    Second, the ports affected by this commit are refreshed. That is, the results of ‘make -V’ are extracted and saved for each port in this commit. This is done after the revisions created by this commit are fetched.

    I recall that this two-step process was required at the time it was designed. I do not recall why.

    The first save is done on the data fetched from the database. However, the database contains an incorrect value, left over from a previous problem with DEPENDS. This situation should have been fixed in the database after the code was corrected. It was not.

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